Monday, November 26, 2012

Reminiscing the Old Happy Days

I’ve done some spring cleaning last weekend but only on our part of the house as it would take more than one day to finish the clean up of the whole house. I guess that’s the down side of old houses because we still have some things of the past 3 decades, would you believe that? Our house was renovated from Spanish style house into a modern one. My father designed it all according to his needs and the style he and Mom wants for our dream home. I remember how their friends admired our new house then- huge, beautiful and elegant. 

We have a garden in the front and a chicken house at the back where we also have fruit-bearing trees. Such a lovely house. Over the years our environment was changed and with the recent road widening on the national road major changes were done. Well life is like that, it changes over the years and we just have to enjoy what it has to offer. Now our house is a lot different from the past and though it’s not so ideal as when we first lived on it I still think it’s the best because it has memorable moments of our happy childhood when my father is still living. 

Now I’m getting sentimental again, it usually happens when I remember days with my father as i was so close to him being his look-alike in the family  Anyway I really want to buy new things for the house to form an ambiance of lively and happy atmosphere. For one I need a good premier mounts so we can place our TV and DVD and we can organize things up. I also want to change our dining set, buy kitchen appliances and a lot more new things to perk up a happy attitude. My husband was laughing at me and told me that he’s becoming nervous on the things that I want and that he should have plenty of money for those.


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