Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wants to Play Piano and Guitar

Feels so happy working at home today because my rest day falls on the day that I really want to stay home. We requested for a one day rest from a 5-day work to help the company with cost cutting and I’ve requested for the day after our bible study so I can rest after the late night activity of our church. Actually I have plenty of online work and instead of resting I dedicated my time finishing tons of work mostly article writing. 

When the kids arrived they were surprised at first seeing me in the house because in the past weeks I have a different day of rest so they’re expecting me to be at home tomorrow, Since Gen has no projects to finish she played with her piano which she regularly do when she’s free from school assignments and tasks. I love to see her playing piano but she told me that she also love to buy a guitar for her to be flexible with both.  

I’ve already canvassed for simple guitars for her and I’m planning to buy next month. I would like to buy those taylor gs mini I saw online but Gen has already decided on her choice and we only need to drop by together at the store at the mall and it will be ready. Maybe when she grows older I’ll be able to buy those that I’ve seen in online store and she will be able to handle her things with proper care.


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