Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Colorful Outdoor

Source: via Race on Pinterest

I love outdoors because it gives me a sense of fresh feeling and freedom. When I'm on weekend break from office I love to stay in our veranda because the environment is more inviting and the weather is cool even if I don't have fan with me. Well that's because of the garden beside it.

Our veranda is a favorite hang out of the kids also because they can play freely without disturbing the seniors inside the house. If they want to do their arts and crafts it's the best place for them also.

Seeing the colorful outdoor furniture above makes me wonder if I can transform our own into something like this as it creates a happy and joyful ambiance around. I love the round wooden tables made from log. Such creativity.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Town People’s Recreation Place

Few meters away from our home lies our municipality premises where the huge ground permits town people to have various activities like aerobics, sports, music schooling, biking and a lot more without having to seek permit. It’s an open place for everyone especially on weekends when there’s no office work for the municipal employees. My kids love to go there when we have spare time or if we start early in the morning. They will go there on their bikes and just roam around until it’s time for breakfast or morning snack. 

When you’re there you’ll see early risers doing their share of activities. I often smile when I see the senior ladies having their aerobics and morning walk. Others go there to play with scooters just like knee scooters at because they can play as far as they want without being disturbed. Well I just hope that nothing will be changed after few years as I love the carefree environment every weekend.

Home Repairs and Maintenance

Every weekends we try to be at home all day and do some house chores like spring cleaning, clothes washing and gardening. As my girls are big now they have their share of work which makes chores lighter and I can attend to what I love doing and that’s cooking my special recipes for the whole family. At times we also go to MIL’s house to have a short weekend vacation not just to visit kids’ granny but to relax as well. But when hubby is at home he tries to do some needed repairs and maintenance not only in the house but on the car as well. 

Both needed regular checkup and maintenance that hubby spend his day doing most of repair works. Sometimes he’s asking me for screws, tools and other things unfamiliar to me like lock washer for his little repair products. Well I try to remember my college schooling and realized I know all these things from my engineering subjects. It’s just that two decades has passed that I seem to forget some of those.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Living Social Deals:Bake and Churn Christmas Ice Cream Cake

The season for indulging has arrived and even if I want to get away from all the sweets this season I have no energy to do so lol! It’s time to satisfy your sweet cravings. Celebrate the season with luxurious 8x5 in. ice cream cake from Bake and Churn. 

Enjoy Black and White Christmas Cake, chocolate ice cream sandwiched between layers of vanilla cake, chocolate ganache and covered in rich buttercream frosting and whipped cream. 

Or have a Chocolate-Strawberry Mousse Ice Cream Cake- chocolate ice cream layered with chocolate cake, ganache, chocolate cookie crumbs, and delightful strawberry mousse. 

Get a P400-worth GC for only P200. Isn't that a great deal?  So great that I bought 4 vouchers, just love it!

Redemption period: December 7, 2012 to January 22, 2013 with blackout dates: December 22, 2012 to January 2, 2013. Claiming days/time: Monday to Saturday, 1:00PM to 9:00PM