Monday, December 10, 2012

Home Repairs and Maintenance

Every weekends we try to be at home all day and do some house chores like spring cleaning, clothes washing and gardening. As my girls are big now they have their share of work which makes chores lighter and I can attend to what I love doing and that’s cooking my special recipes for the whole family. At times we also go to MIL’s house to have a short weekend vacation not just to visit kids’ granny but to relax as well. But when hubby is at home he tries to do some needed repairs and maintenance not only in the house but on the car as well. 

Both needed regular checkup and maintenance that hubby spend his day doing most of repair works. Sometimes he’s asking me for screws, tools and other things unfamiliar to me like lock washer for his little repair products. Well I try to remember my college schooling and realized I know all these things from my engineering subjects. It’s just that two decades has passed that I seem to forget some of those.


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