Monday, December 10, 2012

Town People’s Recreation Place

Few meters away from our home lies our municipality premises where the huge ground permits town people to have various activities like aerobics, sports, music schooling, biking and a lot more without having to seek permit. It’s an open place for everyone especially on weekends when there’s no office work for the municipal employees. My kids love to go there when we have spare time or if we start early in the morning. They will go there on their bikes and just roam around until it’s time for breakfast or morning snack. 

When you’re there you’ll see early risers doing their share of activities. I often smile when I see the senior ladies having their aerobics and morning walk. Others go there to play with scooters just like knee scooters at because they can play as far as they want without being disturbed. Well I just hope that nothing will be changed after few years as I love the carefree environment every weekend.


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