Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Weekends at Home

Now that I’m very busy with my work I only get to cook special dishes twice a week mostly on midweek and weekends. I missed those days of being a WAHM when I can think of anything special and be able to cook it right away because I manage my own work time at home. Now my husband is also into cooking and lately being so enthusiastic with coming up original dishes of his own. In fact he has come up with a chicken honey dish that could surpass the taste of one good chicken restaurant I love to eat at. 

Well anyway he cooks at weekends too and I’m always looking forward to my Saturday afternoons free from work because I get to hear my daughter playing piano or guitar and my other two kids singing in the background. I can just imagine if they’re using one of the best tlm102 at musicians friend I know that their voices would be clearer and audible. Often times they practice songs and offer them in our fellowship’s testimony time. Gen plays the piano then Ruth and Josh sings. What a lovely tune for my ears hearing my kids sing their song to the Lord.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Heated Clothing for Cold Weather Place

Temperature is really getting cold now here in our place but it’s nothing compared to other countries where there is a season of winter. My cousin who is currently working in one of the hospitals in US emailed me to click here for heated clothing as she badly needed one. She’s so busy with her work that she has no time to search for the things she needs for the holidays. 

When I imagined myself working there I smiled thinking how will I cope with such extreme cold weather as I always have difficulties whenever the weather here is so cold. Anyway maybe with heated clothing I might be able to withstand it or have layered warm clothing perhaps. In three weeks’ time we’ll also have our own vacation in the coolest place in our town and as early as now I’m preparing my family’s clothing for the occasion.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kids' Costumes for Drama and Plays

My daughters are having so much school activities that sometimes they stay awake late at nights to finish them all. Most of the times they spent few hours with their school mates to do and finish group tasks like doing plays, presentations and coming up with various costumes. They always have to look for old generation costumes like gowns of the 60s or something that they will use for drama skits. 

I will not be surprised if they ask me to buy or borrow revlon wigs or any other hair accessory because their needs depend on the type of drama character they would need to portray. Well it’s interesting and really exciting but sometimes you have to produce such costumes in a rush so it’s also a pressure as well.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Value for Your Money

I just love weekend because it’s the time of the week when I could spend a whole day of my time away from work. Since it’s also my kids’ break from school work I get to spend quality time with them. Now that I have to go to work on Saturday in the morning I count my weekend starting at noon and I try to make the most of it by staying with my kids while watching television, chatting, playing online on computer games and cooking as well. We also get to talk about things that we experience the whole week and our plans for our church activities which constitutes most of our Sunday time. 

We spend our whole Sunday in our church with fellowship in the morning and meeting in the afternoon. Last Sunday we talked about the update on our musical instruments on repair and replacement. Most of our instruments are aging already and we need to replace them with high quality ones like spector bass at wwbw so it would last for long period of time. The value of buying good and branded instruments is you’re getting better sound quality and usage is longer. I’ve observed this in many of our instruments in the church and in our house. It’s getting value for your hard earned money.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Holiday Rest with the Family

It’s nice to be at home with DH, my kids, Mom and sister for this election holiday. Redge and I spent few hours shopping and preparing our special food for the day. We made macaroni-fruit salad and cooked our favorite ground pork menudo with veggies. I missed cooking special foods for my family as my work schedule became a 6-day work week and even though the last work day is only a half day my time is not enough to prepare special dishes and desserts. 

Anyway the kids are on their school break already and their schooling will resume next week so it’s a good time to cook their favorites. We made a kilo of salad to sustain us for 2 or three days enough for the kids’ vacation and before the next Nov. 1 holiday. We actually experimented on our mixture of ingredients for our combined fruit and macaroni which is both healthy and sinful for our diets. The kids love it and complained of over eating the dessert lol. 

The day is so relaxing and even gave me some nappy time to give me enough energy for my night online work. It almost made me forget that I have to visit this site that my brother needs for his construction business. Wish I can spend a holiday without a work but I’m thankful that I have many blessings of work.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rest from School Works

Few days from now my kids will have their break from school and hopefully have some needed rest from all school activities. This month has gave them plenty of things to do both in school and at home with volumes of paper works, projects and even shooting some videos. I can’t stand the sight of them trying to stay awake to finish everything and most of the times I help them to make it easy for them. 

Well I’m not much of help because almost all their works are really for their own only so I just help them by cooking food for them while they’re doing their school things. At times they would take a break and sing to lighten their load and if we only have time I would take a video or record it. It would be clearer and beautiful when you record it using the likes of loop station at gc which can make your recording voice not just more powerful but great sounding as well.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best for My Kids

I always want the best for my kids when it comes to the things that matters in their life. I cook the best food for them, give them good education, best of my love and care, guide them throughout the years and understand them in any I can. I know every Mom would do the same given the chance and opportunity. Loving them is better than just giving them material things but sometimes it’s alright to let them enjoy small luxuries that they love. 

Most of the times I buy discounted vouchers of various foods and restaurants they love so we can enjoy time together dining without spending too much. That’s because of coupons and discount vouchers that I buy a lot like in yescomusa where they offer coupon codes that will let you buy their products without hurting your pockets. You’ll also get discount on tradeshow booths.


 Get 10% off tradeshow booths when you shop at Valid until October 2013.

Tips on Common Saucy Pinoy Recipes

When I was still very young and novice in cooking I look into some recipes with a thought that recipe look somewhat familiar in look and ingredients. When my Mom cook a certain meal recipe I would see her cutting the same ingredients but with different sizes and with add-ons. Well the recipes I’m talking about are the popular Pinoy saucy recipe we have in our every day meals and on festivities such as Mechado, Afritada, Menudo and Caldereta. So if you’re one of those people who find it a little confusing when it comes to differences of these recipe maybe these little tips will help you. I learned few years ago with my Mom and my church mate who is a great cook. 

What’s the difference between the 4 most common Pinoy recipes? In all we use garlic, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, potatoes, carrots and black pepper but here’s the difference, in Afritada you put patis sauce and little vinegar instead of soy sauce, in Mechado you put soy sauce and tomato sauce, in Menudo you put pork liver, soy sauce and tomato sauce and in Caldereta you’ll use soy sauce, tomato sauce, liver spread and cheese. So that’s it folks! That’s all I have to share to you but I also believe that each and everyone of us have their own way of making their dishes special, I’m not much of a follower of traditional cooking as I always want to experiment with new taste and variations, it’s boring if you stop learning.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Comfortable Eyeglasses

Since college I was always wearing eyeglasses because of my nearsightedness and it’s actually not a big thing for me as I’ve grown used to it. Throughout the years since the time I wore my first prescription glasses there are several innovations in treating eye defects and sickness including the very popular laser operation and many other modern treatment processes. There are also modern technology that offered fashionable means of correcting your eyes even without wearing eyeglasses such as various kinds of contact lenses. 

Through all these innovations I remained loyal to my dear eyeglasses which offered not only treatment to my eyes but convenience as well. I may not be able to wear contact lens for the reason that it’s too tasking to clean and maintain it to prevent irritation and other things. My busy schedule wouldn’t allow me to wear such lenses and I’m glad I’m contented with my own glasses.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Luscious Caramel Cake for Josh' Birthday

My little boy turns 10 today and we had some bonding moments before his Dad and siblings came home.  We went shopping for his shirts and toys first before we went to arcade to round off several games he frequents every time we want to relax there.  It was still early and we enjoyed having few companions in the arcade playing our favorite bowling and baseball without long wait.  We just ate snacks because DH texted me that they're home already.  

I told Josh to pick and choose his birthday cake and when I pointed him RR chocolate cakes he told me that he preferred G's Luscious Caramel Cake because he suddenly crave for other flavors besides choco.  He actually love caramel flavors in ice cream and candies and when he saw this cake he smilingly told me that he wanted it for his cake.  I always ask them what they want for their birthdays because my kids really love cakes and they always want to have a taste of every new flavor being advertised on TV.  Well they just choose Red Ribbon or Goldilocks when I don't have orders from online cake stores.

Well this one is really yummy if you're fond of caramel flavors because this one is such a sweetie.  Luscious caramel cake is soft mocha and vanilla cakes filled with caramel and vanilla butter filling the covered with marbled caramel icing and drizzled with yummy caramel sauce. I'm happy that Goldilocks is always coming up with variety of new flavors to satisfy various preferred taste of their customers.  Another good thing is the price, it's so affordable.  This one costs PhP390 only.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kitchen Rearrangement

I had our kitchen repaired and the sink reconstructed last year with the help of my brother-in-law who supervised and manned the works. I had it designed by myself including the positioning of kitchen appliances and small machines into the kitchen area. At the farthest corner I placed the washer and drier and set up everything so I will not carry anything when I want to wash clothes. I’m not allowed to carry loads because I’ve undergone CS operation from my 3 deliveries so everything must be properly placed to ensure I will follow. 

Well after several months one outlet suddenly lost its place and because I was worried I began to look for electrically conductive glue to put it in order immediately. I remember my first work in a semiconductor company where I used a lot of that kind of glue on assembling headers of transformer. I can say that it’s really good and very beneficial as well.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Giving Our Best Care to Our Seniors

We’ll all grow old and when that time comes we’re all hoping that we’ll be happy growing old and enjoying our golden years with our loved ones. Not everyone will be able to enjoy it but some are fortunate enough to be gifted with children who are kind to take care of them lovingly. Well our seniors should be the most important members of our family as they spent their time and effort in taking care of our needs physically, emotionally and financially, thus they should be given preferential love and attention when they reached their golden years. 

I remember my father when he’s still living and got bedridden. He becomes almost a baby to us making him our first priority in everything that we do. We cared for him, prepared blended dishes especially for him and did everything to make him feel good when he’s not feeling well. When he can’t make it to stand to go to the bathroom we used reusable adult diapers so he will not be rushing and forced to stand and walk just to do his usual comfort necessities.

It’s good that these washable diapers were created and put to market because it made a way for easy disposal without making it too uncomfortable and awkward for our dear seniors. For the family who is taking care of the seniors it’s not only convenient but affordable as well because disposable diapers in the past were more expensive than the washable ones. It comes with an absorbent liner that slides into the sewn-in moisture pouch. 

For the seniors it’s more comfortable because they feel relief when using it plus it looks and feels like regular underwear. This way they will not feel that they’re unable to do things their way because with washable diapers they can be their normal self again.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Living Active and Pain Free with Sports Medicine

The human body is an amazing organic machine. Every system is interconnected. In some cases modern medicine has taken the pathway of covering up problems rather than fixing them. You wouldn’t pay a mechanic that fixed a dent on your car with duct tape. So why would you pay a doctor to fix your pain by covering it up with a painkiller? No matter how numb the drugs make you, the cause of your pain is still there, festering and causing more damage. 

Fort Lauderdale sports medicine is about much more than tracking and covering up symptoms. A trained professional in the field of osteopathy knows that all of your body’s systems work together. They will find the root cause of the problem so that their patient can heal. If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for a long period of time and nothing seems to help you should take a different approach. 

Recover from Injury like an Athlete 

Athletes often frequent the offices of professionals who offer a holistic approach to healing. Athletes are led to these places because they have been referred by other athletes for whom this approach to health has worked wonders. You don’t have to be an athlete in order to heal completely. This approach can work for anyone who decides to give it a chance. Unfortunately, holistic healing is usually a last-ditch effort from normal people. They’ve tried everything under the sun to recover from pain or injury and nothing seems to work. More people every day are finding relief with an osteopathic doctor. 

Improve Performance and Relieve Pain 

Fort Lauderdale sports medicine  practices can greatly improve the performance of any person. This is why athletes love to receive treatment. Athletes know their body better than regular people. When something changes and works better, they notice an immediate difference. In the world of sports, attitude and heart can take you far. With a fully functioning body, you might be able to go even further. If you’re a normal person looking for better performance and pain relief for your body, just follow the athletes to your solution.

Hefty Delicious Big Brothers Burger

I’m a burger lover and when I’m down and at my low moments it’s one of the foods that will surely comfort me. Though one burger is enough to fill in my day’s calorie consumption I don’t mind getting more calories when I’m down and stressed. Anyway it’s not every day that I get those irresistible cravings because most of the times I’m happy. Now when I get to see pictures of my favorite burgers that’s the time when I love to eat burgers happy or not. 

Well I love these full sandwiches with beef patties in many forms, sizes, flavors and kinds. I also want it simple or special, cheap or expensive because they all have different taste for me. When my sister brought home a huge Big Brother’s burger to me I realized it’s not only big in size but big in flavors also and I really wait for deals so I can get cheaper than its actual price. As I love buying vouchers from different restaurants, bakeries and some other shops because it gives me a way to buy my favorite foods in volume. 

I’ve had numerous vouchers on pizzas, cakes, pastries, rice cakes, doughnuts, restaurants and some others but I’m always late in getting vouchers for Big Brothers burger. Now I just saw its promo in MetroDeal and instead of buying for P220 it’s offered for P135 only. That’s 39% savings off the regular price. You’ll get juicy, hefty and delicious 100% pure beef burger for lesser price. Here I know you’ll drool with this. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Choosing Quality Sounds for Special Events

I’ve watched the opening celebration of the new organization in our community and I’m surprised at their sound system which seems so modern and sounds so good. If there is something that I don’t want to hear when there’s a program it’s the sound that seem to give broken sound and not clear enough to understand what the people on the stage are saying let alone the performers that sings on the stage. The quality of the sound system defines the success of programs and ceremonies as it can make or break the turnout of events in the occasion. 

When you really want the best for your program or any activity that requires good quality sound system you should get brands that will deliver the crisp, clear and low noise sound. A friend of mine who is in charge of the instruments for their company’s events choose the brand that he knows so well like Yamaha and other similar brands. He wanted no failure in performing music and he knows he can only do it when he has the best instruments on hand. 

He reminded his staff to always ensure safe keeping and good maintenance of their instruments by putting instruments in their particular cases like the yamaha emx5014c case at musician's friend or other specific cases for their variety of instruments. When you take good care of your musical instruments and accessories you’ll be ensured that they will serve you for several years.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Effects on Economy and Health

These past few weeks has given many people something to be busy about their health and total wellness as the season has begun changing from hot to cold drastically. The country has experienced the impact of storms not only on economy and source of food but on personal health as well. We still have to experience two incoming this month and we pray and brace ourselves for what it will bring. I’m an optimistic person always and I know we’ll be able to get through it with the help of God. 

Well for those who were badly affected by the recent storm I know that many private and public agencies have been helping them out to give assistance. They raise funds to give the basic needs while they’re relocated to safer place. Sometimes they need to ask some local drugstore to donate medicines to those who developed sickness and got ill by the bad season. Help from such suppliers here and abroad like the canadian drugstore or some manufacturers would be a great help. Anyway I learned that they have taken special measures to address the concerns of the victims and gave food, shelter and medical help.

Redge and Ruth's Food Birthday Feast

We had such fun and real bonding for my dear sister and my daughter's successive birthdays tomorrow and on the 19th.  When I gave birth to Ruth my sister is hoping that I'll be able to deliver my eldest on her birthday also but 5 hours before the clocks tick 12midnight to 19th  I already gave birth to my first baby.  Redge is my one and only sister and she's also like a second mother to my kids that we always celebrate their birthdays together.

We chose to celebrate today for a more relaxed lunch date and plenty of time to enjoy their birthdays.  We ordered monster meal deal good for 12 people but actually we're only 7 so you can just imagine how much we feasted on their group meal.  The meal consists of 2 large thin crust manager's choice and pepperoni which we exchanged for hawaiian, 2 large platters of classic spaghetti and carbonara supreme, 12 pc. party pack chicken 'n mojos and 3 pitchers of drinks - coke, root beer and iced tea.  

Kids were so happy and enjoyed their meal especially my little boy who asked me if he can also celebrate his birthday with the same monster meal deal.  Actually he just love the chicken 'n mojos and pizza, since the meal is really more than we can manage he's happy to take home some of it. After we eat and can't walk anymore lol!  we roam around the mall and shopped for blouses for my girls.  Since the weather is starting to show signs that there's a storm coming up in the next few days we went home early.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Benefits of Cellulose Insulation for Your Home

To help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, you have heaters and air conditioning systems. The use of these systems contributes to a large portion of your home’s energy use, raising your energy bills. There are a variety of ways that you can help cut down on this particular energy use, such as by turning the system down when you are away and at night. Another excellent way to reduce energy costs is to ensure your home meets the recommended insulation values. Insulation values can vary by material type. Common types of insulation include fiberglass, spray foam, cotton, and cellulose. What are the benefits of choosing cellulose insulation in San Jose? 

Importance of R-Values

The effectiveness of insulation is measured by R-values, which are the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation prevents warm air from moving in or out of your home. The appropriate R-value for your home depends upon your location, the space you are insulating, and the age of your home. For example, in the San Jose, CA, area, an R-value of R-30 to R-60 is recommended for the attic, R-25 for flooring, and R-13 to R-15 for wall spaces. If you have an older home, you would most likely need an R-value closer to R-60, whereas a newer home will usually be fine with an R-value closer to R-30. Cellulose insulation tends to have a higher R-value for increased heat-flow resistance. 

Benefits of Cellulose

Cellulose is composed of paper materials that are generally recycled. In fact, most cellulose insulations contain as much as 75% of recycled material on average. The material is treated with a chemical fire retardant that is safe for humans but helps to repel rodents, insects, and mold. While fiberglass has shown tendencies to irritate skin, throats, lungs, and eyes with exposure, cellulose has not shown any negative health effects for people. The cellulose material is blown into the space, helping to provide more coverage in odd shapes and around obstacles such as wiring and ducts for an increased R-value. This also allows cellulose to be easily applied to existing walls with minimal damage.

Cellulose insulation keeps its R-value despite temperature changes, but will be affected by moisture. Because it tends to retain moisture, it may be best to install other insulation materials in areas prone to moisture, such as basements and crawlspaces. While it is possible to rent equipment to apply cellulose yourself, professional installation is still recommended. Proper installation of cellulose insulation in San Jose can help to prevent settling. 

Planning a Good Combination of Instruments

We’re planning a fellowship during the coming holidays just before December to have a practice of what we’ll do in our outdoor fellowship in Baguio. It’s actually a fellowship cum vacation for the whole church and just like two years ago when we had our very first group vacation in the summer capital of the country we aim to spend more time in fellowship. On our practice we’re going to use musical instruments as it will be held only in the nearby town and we’re discussing if we should add one guitar like fretless bass guitar I saw online. 

Previously we have two electric guitars but suddenly they stopped using the other and just concentrated on the other one. Anyway I believe that it’s either that we replace the existing one or we just add a piano or keyboard for solemn praising. Sometimes I find the drum set too loud that the voices were drowned and can’t be heard. We’re still thinking if we should have all the musical instruments played all at once or choose better combination of instruments. We’ve experienced having all of those instruments played on our fellowship regularly several years ago and I must say it depends on the musician on how they will blend all of it to give an inspiring music.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Angel's Pizza at 50% Off

For those pizza lovers out there here's one promo that you will surely love to join and grab.  Well I'm a fan of deals and promos mostly on food and 50% prizes are real awesome for me.  Since the whole family loves pizza and it's kind of special treat to them every time I claim my vouchers on our way home from church I see to it that I collect vouchers of their fave foods.  Most of the times I try new shops or new stores but I read reviews first so I will know if they really offer great discounts on foods that tastes good.

I actually have a discount card last year with Angel's pizza entitling me to various low priced promos but I never had a chance to consume all of its free or discounted bonus.   Since Angel's offers promos frequently I chose to get coupons or discounts online when I want it.  Anyway this yummy pizzas offer deals on their original Hand Tossed Pizzas Selection for 50% off:

Family Sized Pizza for P235 instead of P470 (12-inch)
Big Family Pizza for P299 instead of P599 (14-inch)

Flavors to choose from are  Extra feast, Angel's style, Chicken Aloha, Fancy Aloha, Angel's Medley, Angel's Pepperoni, All Meat, Angel's Supreme, Spicy Tuna, Angel's Aloha, Angel's Garden, Chicken Aloha, Shrimp Pesto and Tuna Pesto.

Get them at a branch nearest your home or office at the 8 Angel's Pizza locations scattered all over Metro Manila, from Quezon City to Recto, from Ermita to Paranaque.  

We buy our Angel's pizza near our church in Kamias, Quezon City.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Proper Maintenance and Storage of Instruments

Keeping our home neat and organized needs some planning and creative ideas on how to come up with an orderly storage system. Well it’s just the same with your musical instruments and accessories because proper maintenance and keep up will ensure longer usage of your precious instruments used in music. Anyway we don’t need a real big storage cabinet for all of your instruments and small accessories because each of them can be stored separately and securely by always putting those in their respective cases each time you finished using it. 

This reminds me that I saw a nice skb molded drum case which we need in our church. We don’t want intruders or small kids playing with some of our music things that we really need to keep them in their case when not in use or after the service. It’s really tasking to take note of all things we need to do, implement and keep in mind when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance of our church’ musical instruments but in the end it will pay off because it would mean several years of good music coming from the instruments.

Mochi Sweets on MetroDeal

Did you hear about this promo?  This Asia's must-try scrumptious dessert is now offered at 50% off the regular price.  Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of short-grain Japonica glutinous rice or Mochigome pounded and shaped into balls with variant flavors to choose from.  You can now try all yummy flavors of peach, choco mousse, black sesame, caramel macchiato, lemon and dark choco.

Choose among offered boxes of mochi sweets:
  • Box of 6 pre-assorted Mochi Sweets (Peach, Caramel Macchiato, Black Sesame, Choco Mousse, Dark Choco and Lemon) for P210 instead of P420
  • Box of 15 Mochi Sweets Peach for P500 instead of P1050
  • Box of 15 Mochi Sweets Caramel Macchiato for P500 instead of P1050
Enjoy this Japan’s traditional New Year luxury delicacy while they're on  sale  at  SM MOA, SM Megamall, SM Aura Premiere,Robinsons Galleria, Eastwood Mall and Powerplant Mall.  This offer starts on Sept. and ends on December. No reservations required when claiming your items.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Securing Your Future

With a lot of things to do and think about in the house I forgot what my friend said to me about being smart in whatever field you choose to join. She herself wanted to secure her money and got herself a piece of investment. Well if you’re one who loves securing your future but don’t want to spend your time in new business it’s time to look for some alternative ways of having investment. 

You can look at various companies who specialize in finance and money matters and you’ll see that some really recommends having investment in various forms. Of course it should be tangible like the ones I saw at and one that will give you higher returns after several years. Well there are many to choose from and it’s better if you study about them before taking it seriously. It’s better to be prepared and well educated.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suggestions for Starting Road Racing Events

CGI Racing is the type of company that promotes local races, whether they are half marathons, marathons, or triathlons of all types. It is easy to see the upcoming events and sign up for the one or ones you plan on participating in. The Ironman Triathlon starts out with participants swimming 2.4 miles, then biking 112 miles and finishing with a full marathon of 26.2 miles. You have to be in the elite athlete class to tackle this monumental race. So, starting out with untimed races that go shorter distances is a great place to start.

Getting Started and the Equipment

Seasoned triathletes suggest that your first triathlons should be close to home. If you are trying triathlons out because you don’t know if you will like them enough to continue with more training and more races, find a wetsuit for the swimming portion of the triathlon that you can rent,or only sign up for events that let you do the swimming portion of the event in a pool. At the least, you will need a swimming suit and goggles. To start out with, the bike you have right now is a great place to start. You could even borrow one from someone to try the whole experience out first, before you invest the money in a bike specifically for triathlons. The only equipment you will need for the running portion of the event is running shoes. If you don’t already have a pair, a shoe salesman will be able to get you hooked up with the right shoes for what you need.  


There are triathlon training plans all over the Internet, in books, and out of the heads of the people you know who are currently participating in triathlons and who have had years of experience. The excitement of the race may cause you to hurry when you shouldn’t. Resting during the race is allowed. The transitions between events is part of your time and they need to be smooth and done as quicklyas possible. Once you have completed a couple of events, you will be hooked and your speeds will get increasingly faster. Keep checking with someone like CGI Racing for information on all upcoming events.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Harmonizing Furniture with Musical Accessories

We only have simple speakers in our house made by DH on one of his projects in his electronic course. It’s just perfect for us except that it doesn’t harmonize with the furniture unlike the leslie speaker I found online which complements the color of our home furniture. Although I appreciate modern homes and furniture a part of me always look back to old traditional furniture made of wood and in deep brown colors. 

Well the colors and looks of speakers doesn’t affect music but it’s nice to have singing and instruments playing with a speaker that doesn’t just sounds good but looks good as well. My family loves music and has inclination to music from old generations until now that we love collecting musical instruments and accessories that complements our music room also. I would love to design a real music room when our plan to renovate the house begins next year. Dreams are made to achieve.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy and Busy Weekend at Home

Weekend turns out very busy for all of us at home. My eldest went out in the morning to attend a group project activity while the other two did their assignment and projects early to be able to enjoy the weekend afternoon playing chess and musical instruments. As always my daughter is with her guitar after she finished with using computer. She accompanied the music playing in my laptop and happily sings it too. She really won’t pass the day without enjoying her guitar and practicing some pieces assigned to her by the music ministry of our church. 

Well my little boy is asking me again when can we buy him his favorite drums like Mapex Drums at musicians friend. He can settle for the preowned drums they bought just as long as the tones are still in the best form. I told him to study guitar first and if he’s so keen on drums he can train in the church when he gets a little older. He’s happy with my answer and continued with his chess game.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Involved in University’s Activities

I had a very relaxing day today because I’ve spent the whole day resting, sleeping and bonding with DH. He has no classes today and since I didn’t want to work the whole day he used my laptop to do all his soft report in school. Lately he’s been doing a lot of reports that it’s comfortable and convenient to use the laptop where he can get it ready for his presentation next week. Since he’ll be using it for the school projector he might as well save it there to make sure it’s there when he needs it. 

He’s also looking for printing shop with print shop software at for the university’s examination papers. They’re thinking of best ways to have all the tests and examinations printed easier and faster instead of photocopying some of it. More and more he’s getting really involved n his university’s activities that the instructors are asking him for some inputs or ideas. Well he’s going to be a full-pledged high school teacher soon and he might as well practice thinking like them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Value of Quality Presentation Folders

Business is like home in a way that when your exterior looks neat and beautiful people will think that it’s similar or better when they get inside. I’ve been employed for more than 20 years now as I’ve started just after college graduation and never stopped working except for two years work-at-home job. With my work experiences I’ve learned many facets of marketing, human resources, finance and administration from which the sales and marketing needs a lot of first impressions to get a good sales record. 

Being close to a friend who is a manager of sales and marketing I know how she manages a good sales record in her shoulders. She has it all to close a deal even with unrelenting clients. And do you want to know her secret? She always do and carry with herself an impressive print presentation folders every client meeting she goes. She has good looks, bright mind, lots of work experiences and the initiative to think of winning marketing strategy and materials. It pays to give the best presentation folders to your clients because they will look up to it when they’re not with you and may produce a great sale results in the end.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Right Career for His Dreams

As DH is into his 3rd year Secondary Education college course he’s already having feasibility and thesis subjects on his load. I observed that the course takes a lot of writing with stress on techniques of teaching, education and observation. There’s always a need for research, concept and essays that DH always spends his time on the laptop doing his multiple projects and reports. 

He’s very keen on submitting his reports in perfect presentation that he always receives good praises from his instructors. Well I’m thankful that he found the right career for him even if in his late thirties and I’m planning to buy him a nice class ring on his graduation next year. I’m just a proud wife of the person who strives hard to reach his dreams and goals for his family and we owe it all to God.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Music Training for the Youth

The youth group in the church will have their youth fellowship on Sunday and as always the whole fellowship will involve all youth from the start of the fellowship up to the end. The master of ceremony, testimony leader and speaker are all coming from the youth group except the special messenger invited by them. For the musician it will still be our regular guitarist because no one will be able to replace him yet. He’s actually training two of the youth but for now it’s only the drum set that they can play. 

About the training they’re training a brother for the guitar and in case we have a Fender Telecaster type he would be ready to play that. My daughter Gen is also training for keyboard/piano player and she’s learning a lot from it. I’m hoping that one day she’ll be able to play formally in one of our Sunday fellowship. For now no one handles it so her trainer will have a serious tutorial lesson on her next summer.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Start Your Day Right with Adidas Fragrances

We all want to start our day fresh and full of positive vibes because it will bring us to a day of good events. I learned this throughout the years that I’m working and I always see to it that whatever problem I have I never carry it to work or to wherever I go so it will not affect my job. Aside from this you also need to look good and perk up your day with the scent that you love most. Many people feel confident reporting to work or dealing with people when they’re dressed enough and smells good. 

I remember some of our male marketing executives can’t go to their clients without wearing their favorite fragrances with them. It somehow gives them the self-assurance that they can handle the situation with their best assets. Well with the top cologne by adidas I’m pretty sure it will give them enough self-confidence they need to carry through the day of meeting and dealing with prospective customers. 

With the wide choices made available by Adidas, well-known brand of quality products you’re bound to try different exciting scents like adidas dare cologne for Men which give a fresh scent of cedar, citrus and mint with a hint of sweet fruits. There are thousands more scents you can choose from Adidas line of fragrances with competitive price and good customer service to guide and answer your inquiries.

Keeping Up the Crunch in Cereals

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Are you a cereal eater during breakfast? Well most are but I'm not except for some occasion like when I was having my planned meal and cereal is scheduled on breakfast.  My kids love it but sometimes they will eat as fast as they can enjoy their cereals without being soggy.  I also do it myself especially if the milk we're using doesn't come from the fridge meaning the hot milk we usually have for breakfast.  Now I don't have to wait for my milk to cool down as my kids and I can enjoy  the cereal by doing the above example displayed in the image.  Cool isn't it?  I will definitely do it.  I was actually saying to myself why I didn't I think of this idea.  Genius!
Cure for eliminating soggy cereal! This is genius

Friday, June 21, 2013

Home Filled with Music

Our home is filled with music everywhere as my daughters are practicing their song for tomorrow’s song offering in testimony. Gen will play the piano during the rendition and my two other kids will sing. One by one we were able to buy musical instruments that they love to play and they’re learning by themselves after the first basic lessons in summer workshop. They really have flair for playing instruments just like my ancestors in my Mom’s father. 

This is the reason why I love browsing through best native instruments which I would love to add to our collection. We were saving for more musical instruments and accessories and the more I learned about the brands and prices the more I need to save. Anyway all our collection is worth every penny of our savings because the kids are learning and enjoying it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home Benefits from Infrared Heating Technology

It’s just common to us especially those living in countries that has winter season to think about how to make environment warm and relaxing. We want our home to be as comfortable as possible that we want to give not just what we used to have but on better things as well. This is the reason why despite of the many heating system that we already have we strive to have better heating not just for cost purposes but for health as well. 

It’s not every day that I encounter using infrared technology as heaters in their homes so I really checked on the benefits of infrared panel heating which offers gentle clean air and most efficient heating technology. It contributes many benefits to users making this kind of heater very helpful not only to environment but on our home and health as well. It’s good for our health as it strengthens immune system and relaxes our muscles perfect for people with asthma and allergy. 

Browsing defines how it can make your home warmer and happier by just contributing cost-effective infrared heating panels. Panels are available in stylish plastic, mirror or glass panels to transfer and emit high heat energy without the use of oil and gas. Now with the benefits of reducing costs, added beauty in the house with stylish panel designs and reduces allergy risks I’m now convinced that it’s good for home and family.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Caring for Your Pets at Home

My friend is so fond of her pet and sometimes you’ll think that she’s caring for a real kid and not a dog only. She takes care of her dog Sophie like her own kid as she will not miss any vaccination for the dog and once in while she takes Sophie to grooming salon and have her hair cut. When she cooks she always think of what’s good for Sophie to eat so they choose food sometimes on the kinds that her dog can eat. 

What’s amazing is that she has bought special bed for pets so her dog would be extremely comfortable in her small house while sleeping. During colder days she makes sure that Sophie is warm and convenient in her dog house because she experienced hearing Sophie making sounds that she’s not at ease with the cold weather. Now with Sophie’s new bed my friend will not worry anymore that her dog will get cold or uncomfortable. Such caring for a pet.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music Ministry

We always have a meeting every Sunday except for the youth afternoon fellowship every 5th Sunday. More and more the members of the youth ministry are showing maturity over some important things in the Church like their youth activities and I’m happy about it because my two daughters are already one of them. Some of them are also interested to be part of the music ministry in the coming years to come while others are content already in hearing what they want to play. Because of such enthusiasm the elders in the music ministry discussed about the replacement of the instruments in the coming months if they can save enough money for the new instruments. 

For now they should maximize the use of the instruments they have already until the day that they will again purchase new sets of musical instrument and some accessories. I wonder when they will buy such things as m-audio fast track which works great and has good sound quality or other accessories that will help them when they’re playing in worship and praise. It’s vital that all instruments are in good working condition when it’s time for praising songs because it inspires us when they do background  for our beautiful music.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Perfect Time to Improve Our Homes

We had a spring cleaning of the house and it’s fun because we all worked for it including our dear little boy. Anyway he’s nearing 10 years of age and he really wants to participate and help. Since I did all necessary cleanups in the kitchen and bathroom he finds it necessary to help in that area too. He always wants to be near me just like any other youngest boy to his Mom. DH did the heavy tasks as expected and it’s good that his summer schooling is finished. Now we have all the time not just for family bonding but family projects too. 

We’re actually looking for something like an l clamp to use in fixing the kitchen pipes and faucets. I already asked my brother hoping that he has one in his construction site. I know he could find one in his warehouse and can also assign one of his workers to fix some needed problem areas in the house. Summer vacation is indeed a good time for repairing and improving the house because we have more time.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learning Various Mixes to Enjoy Coffee More

 Image from Wikipedia

I love drinking coffee while I’m writing article or reviews. It somehow relaxes my senses and gives me creative ideas and thoughts. If others get nervous whenever they drink strong coffee well it’s the other way for me. When I need anything to calm me down and feel relaxed I just need a cup of my favorite coffee to bring me to the mood I love especially if I received whole bean coffee from our hometown which has a different fresh taste for me. 

I’m used to drinking instant 3-in-1 coffee because it’s so accessible to have as you can buy it anywhere but I still want freshly brewed coffee at times. My niece who is studying Barista course promised to teach me how to mix special coffee broths in espresso machine when she graduates from the short course. She knows I love coffee and would love to learn mixing cappuccino, mocha frappe and others.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Country Style Doughnuts

These are varied flavors of Country Style - Chocolate Boom, Cookies & Cream and other Krazy Squares flavors which I often bought for my pasalubong to my kids aside from the all-time favorite Triple Choco Boom.  What I like about their doughnuts are the not-so-sweet taste and the fillings inside.  The flavors are also exciting just like the ones I bought this week.  

I actually bought just at the same building (Cityland Condo Tower II) where our office is located and where I work.  They have a small cafe at the upper ground and sells their doughnuts at 20% off original price after 3pm which fits our time for afternoon snack.  I can't remember buying without the discount because we always want it in the afternoon to eat while we have our coffee, just perfect.  Try it and enjoy a different doughnut from your traditional sweeties.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Searching for Affordable Textbooks

I’m enjoying this summer vacation because I only go to office twice a week now as my request for part time work was granted last February. I love this season even if the heat is really unbearable sometimes because it’s the time that my kids and husband is free from school activities. Well actually not DH because he has just enrolled in summer classes for three of his subjects. He transferred to Secondary Education course after graduating from Associate in Electronics so he needs to complete his prerequisite subjects to fit it in his 3rd year class in the incoming school year. 

Anyway next month would be enrollment season again and as early as last month I’m saving all my online income for the kids’ tuition fees. For the textbooks which will be available late of May I’m thinking if I can get some of those on other source like Becks Books who has a one-stop resource for textbooks at affordable prices. Books are getting expensive these days and my budgetary allowance should be higher too unless I find a cheaper alternative or better prices. Well if I can save on the kids’ textbooks I could buy school supplies with the amount I’ve saved.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking His Vacation

I’m glad my brother is taking a rest from all his work now. He’s spending a 4-day vacation in Bohol where I also love to take my own relaxing vacation. He’s been working hard these days doing residential projects after another and we’re asking him to take it a little bit slower because it might affect his health. Last week he’s asking me about some steel tube bending he needs for his client and I told him I’ll help with the canvassing. 

When I finally searched and got what he needs he’s booked for a vacation. Well it could wait until the end of this week when he and his family arrives from their vacation. Most important is he’s now heeding our advice and taking some rest from work. It gets me into thinking when I can have my own vacation also. I want to go to the coolest place in town.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hershey’s Kisses Special Chocolates at Cash Cash Pinoy

Another must have from Cash Cash Pinoy…for the chocoholic that is.   Enjoy Hershey’s Kisses chocolate variants with 43% savings.  You’ll get these super yummy treats at P294 instead of P520 and that’s what you can call super deals.

Since I love dark chocolates I got special dark mildly sweet chocolate.  It’s got pure dark chocolate that’s mildly sweet and melts on your tongue.  As always with all Hershey’s products it’s made with high quality ingredients and packaged with that exceptional cute shape which defines Hershey’s Kisses.

I also bought milk chocolates with almonds for the kids as they love choco with nuts on it.

Pick-up starts May 2, 2013 to June 2, 2013 at CashCash Pinoy Office in Makati.  Mondays to Fridays 10am-5pm.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

I’ve always loved wood furniture and flooring because it reminds me of our old Spanish theme house way back early 70’s when I was still a child. I like the look of walnut and deep brown color in every corner of the house creating a very exquisite and elegant look. Now that we’re planning to renovate the upper floor of our house we’re thinking of replacing our flooring not with the intended slab flooring but of the good old hardwood flooring. 

Since our budget would just be enough we need to search and canvass carefully to maximize our resources. We need a supplier like Flooring America which supplies wood floors and more. They carry all name brands and provide wide range of hardwood flooring colors, shades and finishes to suit your specific taste and needs. 

Choosing the right floor for your home is vital because it can make or it can break the beauty of your interiors so you should think carefully before deciding which really fits your lifestyle and budget. With Flooring America you can make better choices as aside from hardwood flooring they also offer wide variety of floors including carpet, laminate, vinyl and tile flooring. They have flooring professionals that can help you plan the best flooring for your home.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Chicken Tinola for the Rainy Days

I never expected a rush of strong rains today and I'm just glad I already arrived in the office before it happened.  It rained the whole day and it seems like it's not summer.  The weather is really unpredicable and you'll never really know when it's hold, cold or when it rains.  Well this is something that I should take note as the kids' body condition may suffer from this kind of season.  Sudden changes bring about colds, coughs
and a lot of weather-based sickness.  

To set the mood for the rainy night I cooked chicken tinola which is my Mom and DH's favorite.  The food is so perfect for the weather and for my Mom who is not feeling good.  Hope this one will change her mood and somehow lighten her cough and headache.  She's requesting this since the other day so I bought the ingredients over the weekend to come up with this.  I'm also not feeling well but I can't get sick as Bayantel will make their assessment tomorrow for our company's standard procedures and policies.  

So for my chicken tinola I prepared the following ingredients:

-  1/2 kilo chicken breast
-  1 big sayote, ginger,
-  1 onion
-  1/3 head garlic
-  bunch of pechay
-  sili leaves
-  pepper and salt to taste
- 1 chicken cube for seasoning
For procedures: 
- Heat oil and saute ginger, garlic and onion.  
- Add chicken and stir for 5 minutes then add water
- Bring to a boil and when chicken is cooked already add salt, pepper and chicken cube.  
- Add sayote and when cooked you just add the remaining ingredients- pechay and dahon ng sili.  
Enjoy while hot.

Plans for Learning Musical Instruments

It’s first week of school break for the kids and we’re planning out our home activities after the holy week. Since they’ve got plenty of time for themselves they lined up our English 101 lessons and their much-awaited continuation of musical instrument learning courses. They’re very interested in learning each instrument they fancies and to update they’ve started learning piano, drums and a month ago their favorite guitar. 

I believe that my ancestor’s flair for music and playing instruments is running right through their blood because their love for music comes naturally. I didn’t force them to study and learn but they’re the ones who requested their own musical instruments and music courses. Now the little boy will have his violin from his cousin and as early as now he’s looking for his own music teacher to teach him the basics of playing violin. He wanted a home tutorial study this summer. 

Their love for instrument makes me wonder if they’re up to learning classic sousaphone also as they still don’t know it. I even teased my daughter that it’s only for their little brother because it fits boy rather than a girl. Well there’s still plenty of time for them to decide and all I can do is wait and hope that whatever they decide they will continue with it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Season for Swimming Activities

As summer started to show its humid and hot season people are planning to take vacation in nice beach and pool resorts. It’s their way of beating the heat and spends relaxing moments with their loved ones. I just love summer season because it’s the time when we can have the kids all to ourselves. The kids are free from school work and activities and want to spend their time away playing and vacationing. 

We have our regular resort where we always go with our church mates occasionally. We love going there because we can choose whether we want cold water or natural hot spring water. When we go there on colder season we can’t just swim without the warm water so it’s a lot of help to be able to have both. 

Well on other resort or private pools where they don’t have natural hot spring water they can avail of for pool heat pumps to heat their pools whenever they want to enjoy swimming on cold season. It’s a lot of savings too using this kind of heat pumps because they don’t generate heat; they capture it and move to wherever they want.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Huge Living Room

For people like my family who entertains big number of visitors frequently this is one good living room idea that you can have.  When I saw this at I immediately had a nice idea that it can be a good one for our bible study where we have many attendees, actually we're usually 40 brethren who conducts bible study every midweek.  We held it in our church but sometimes one of our brethren would invite us to their homes and this would fit to that kind of occasion.  Anyway we also have plenty of friends,family and relatives and this one is just perfect. This is from Elizabeth A. Rosensteel Design / Studio

Monday, March 4, 2013

Guitar’s Little Accessories

Since the kids have their own guitar now they can learn any piece they want anytime. Of course the girls are more active with learning because the little boy just try to learn it once in a while. He’s more engrossed with learning drums nowadays. I was just amazed at how fast Gen can learn a new song in little time. She even learn one song in 5 minutes wow! When we get to pass or drop by music store she would look for accessories that will suit their guitar. She loves little things that can make guitar easy to operate and those things that supports guitar. 

Oh there are so many things that you can buy for your own little guitar like guitar capo and other accessories for your well-loved guitar. Just make sure that it complements your instrument in its body and also in the quality of sound that it will create and play. Playing guitar wouldn’t be so fun without those nice little accessories.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Loving the Instrumental Sounds at Home

Since I’m now working at home again and only serving my company as part-time employee for twice a week I get to stay more at home thus learning some new home things too. It was quite a respite from the office work stress but it took me quite a while to decide on what I’m going to do with my work life. 

Anyway it was fun staying at home again with the company of my Mom who is always on her best mood to chat and watch TV with me. What I like about when I’m working is my music background. Most of the times I choose instrumental music because it will help you think of creative ideas as you can hear the instruments playing so softly and with the clarity of each music notes. 

It doesn’t matter to me if it’s piano or saxophone as long as the music is good, the instrument is perfectly played to the tune and the whole music befits my mood. I was also thinking what would the sound if they use the accompaniment of pbone, the plastic trombone that sounds like the typical brass trombones. I’m sure it will sound better because it has ergonomic grip that will help the player be comfortable with holding it. I learned it has various stylish colors.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Enjoying Their Guitars While at Home

My kids are enjoying their new guitar from my sister who gave it to them last Christmas. Well not the very beautiful and quality good dean electric guitars I saw online but a simple regular guitar that the kids can learn and play at the same time. As they’re really fond of playing various musical instruments they find it very worth of their time to study playing guitar. 

My younger daughter learned it first because she really gives an hour a day to practice the pieces she wants. When they last offered a song my eldest daughter Ruth and youngest Josh sings while Gen plays the guitar. I’m happy and proud of them.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Designer Bathroom

Dreaming for a designer bathroom? I am actually! Well I had a nice bathroom renovated two years ago with all the accessories I want but not the likes of this elegant and stylish bathroom.  Wishes can be granted hmm? So I'm always browsing for the things I love when I got hold of my budget and finally afford some luxuries. 

My brother is always looking for home ideas in design, construction and all necessary things in house and building construction because he has a construction business.  He's a civil engineer and he also designs like an architect.  I helped him look for good ideas for his residential projects because his clients want innovative and modern designs when they hire him to do their dream house.  I saw this at from Interior Designer, NLM Design Interiors, LLC

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Perfumes to Match Our Lifestyle and Personality

I love fragrances and it’s part of my system that I can’t go anywhere without it on my bag. I know all women should agree that it’s included in our daily regimen just like powder and other accessories that became part of women’s everyday habit. As such I’m very particular with the kind of fragrances that I used as I go for milder scents that can go with all kinds of weather. There are perfumes that can only be used on cool weather because of the strong scents not conducive for hot weather. 

There are wide selection of perfume oils in the market that we can choose from but it’s up to you what you really prefer in having. Some go for the very expensive branded perfume oils but others go for simple ones like me. I don’t want strong perfumes because it doesn’t go with my personality and lifestyle. I also go for perfume without alcohol and those that would last for hours because I have a busy schedule. I want floral scents that matches any kind of temperature be it cold or hot. Whatever your personality is you can find the right perfume to match it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Refreshing Home Ideas

One of my brother’s residential projects is on its finishing stage and he’s excited about his design on the kitchen. He has already installed built-in oven and in the process of polishing cabinets. He added some undermount drawer slides full extension on the cupboards so he can show it to the owner if that will suffice to the required specifications. His client is a little bit conventional on some designs and he needs to check if those installed accessories and equipment conform to his taste.

Well my brother’s designs are always commendable and suits the needs of his client that he’s always referred to their friends. Now that his daughter is taking up Architecture he has someone to help him come up with new fresh home design ideas. In fact his current residential design was made by his daughter and it was well accepted and praised by his new client. We’re glad that some of my brother’s kids have the same flair and inclination as his.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Loves Being at Home

Mom stays at home most of the times as she loves being in the house reading and doing some gardening rather than going to the malls. On some occasions we coax her to join us when we eat in restaurants or shop in the malls but she insists that we do not stay long as her knees wouldn’t bear it. We understand her as she’s already 80 and though she’s very healthy for her age she has arthritis that strikes most when the weather is cold, the reason why she didn’t want to walk for long on malls. 

Last weekend she told us that she’ll rather stay home than go shopping so she just listed all she needs at home which includes home decors, new place mats on the table. She also told my sister that she need a new watch and if my sister could choose from the citizen watches she saw in the mall last month it would be perfect for her. She prefers the old time style of gold watches and even at home she still looks like her profession , a teacher. She still has the dignified and respectable look and character of her old job which makes me think that a teacher will always be a teacher no matter how she grows old.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Changing Eating Habits and Lifestyle

Since it’s the first month of the year people are having reflection about their life and many seems to be thinking of changing their eating habits and lifestyle. One of my close online friends chooses to do juicing of fruits and vegetables to remove excess pounds for a healthier weight. She has a daily maintenance of 5 various medicines for her rare disease but now after taking healthy juices for several months her health improved a lot.

Her doctor decreased her intake of medicine and she couldn’t be happier. Now if you would ask her for the best cigars to recommend she’s not that sure because she has given everything for her health. She wouldn’t know now what’s the best as her priority now is maintaining and keeping herself fit and healthy.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun in the City Circle Park

We had so much fun in the City Circle Park where we spent our first day of the year. Not much to prepare as we just brought our New Year’s eve feast and share all our food with our church friends. I remember being there when my second daughter was just an infant and now she’s turning 14 on Saturday, time flies and I can’t believe those years passed without giving that place a visit. Well the place is very different now than before as various restaurants lined one part of the park and there’s a nice amusement park on the other side of the place. We’ve rented a small place in the most quiet part of the park and we there we had our little games and some singing. 

We just wanted to start the day with us together and with happy thanksgiving to God for keeping us safe, healthy and protected all year round. We already had our gift giving and exchange gift in the church where we each received one or more gifts like bags, clothes, home decors, toys for the kids, some personal stuff like pens, hankies, acrylic cups with straws and many other things. 

I promised my kids that we’ll come back there to enjoy the amusement park where they can ride and enjoy various games, of course when it’s not a holiday because the park is jammed with people and everything you want to ride you have to fall in line and wait for some time. Since we have some church programs we can’t be away for more than an hour because we will not be able to enjoy the company of our church friends.