Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun in the City Circle Park

We had so much fun in the City Circle Park where we spent our first day of the year. Not much to prepare as we just brought our New Year’s eve feast and share all our food with our church friends. I remember being there when my second daughter was just an infant and now she’s turning 14 on Saturday, time flies and I can’t believe those years passed without giving that place a visit. Well the place is very different now than before as various restaurants lined one part of the park and there’s a nice amusement park on the other side of the place. We’ve rented a small place in the most quiet part of the park and we there we had our little games and some singing. 

We just wanted to start the day with us together and with happy thanksgiving to God for keeping us safe, healthy and protected all year round. We already had our gift giving and exchange gift in the church where we each received one or more gifts like bags, clothes, home decors, toys for the kids, some personal stuff like pens, hankies, acrylic cups with straws and many other things. 

I promised my kids that we’ll come back there to enjoy the amusement park where they can ride and enjoy various games, of course when it’s not a holiday because the park is jammed with people and everything you want to ride you have to fall in line and wait for some time. Since we have some church programs we can’t be away for more than an hour because we will not be able to enjoy the company of our church friends.


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