Monday, January 21, 2013

Loves Being at Home

Mom stays at home most of the times as she loves being in the house reading and doing some gardening rather than going to the malls. On some occasions we coax her to join us when we eat in restaurants or shop in the malls but she insists that we do not stay long as her knees wouldn’t bear it. We understand her as she’s already 80 and though she’s very healthy for her age she has arthritis that strikes most when the weather is cold, the reason why she didn’t want to walk for long on malls. 

Last weekend she told us that she’ll rather stay home than go shopping so she just listed all she needs at home which includes home decors, new place mats on the table. She also told my sister that she need a new watch and if my sister could choose from the citizen watches she saw in the mall last month it would be perfect for her. She prefers the old time style of gold watches and even at home she still looks like her profession , a teacher. She still has the dignified and respectable look and character of her old job which makes me think that a teacher will always be a teacher no matter how she grows old.


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