Friday, February 22, 2013

Enjoying Their Guitars While at Home

My kids are enjoying their new guitar from my sister who gave it to them last Christmas. Well not the very beautiful and quality good dean electric guitars I saw online but a simple regular guitar that the kids can learn and play at the same time. As they’re really fond of playing various musical instruments they find it very worth of their time to study playing guitar. 

My younger daughter learned it first because she really gives an hour a day to practice the pieces she wants. When they last offered a song my eldest daughter Ruth and youngest Josh sings while Gen plays the guitar. I’m happy and proud of them.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Designer Bathroom

Dreaming for a designer bathroom? I am actually! Well I had a nice bathroom renovated two years ago with all the accessories I want but not the likes of this elegant and stylish bathroom.  Wishes can be granted hmm? So I'm always browsing for the things I love when I got hold of my budget and finally afford some luxuries. 

My brother is always looking for home ideas in design, construction and all necessary things in house and building construction because he has a construction business.  He's a civil engineer and he also designs like an architect.  I helped him look for good ideas for his residential projects because his clients want innovative and modern designs when they hire him to do their dream house.  I saw this at from Interior Designer, NLM Design Interiors, LLC

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Perfumes to Match Our Lifestyle and Personality

I love fragrances and it’s part of my system that I can’t go anywhere without it on my bag. I know all women should agree that it’s included in our daily regimen just like powder and other accessories that became part of women’s everyday habit. As such I’m very particular with the kind of fragrances that I used as I go for milder scents that can go with all kinds of weather. There are perfumes that can only be used on cool weather because of the strong scents not conducive for hot weather. 

There are wide selection of perfume oils in the market that we can choose from but it’s up to you what you really prefer in having. Some go for the very expensive branded perfume oils but others go for simple ones like me. I don’t want strong perfumes because it doesn’t go with my personality and lifestyle. I also go for perfume without alcohol and those that would last for hours because I have a busy schedule. I want floral scents that matches any kind of temperature be it cold or hot. Whatever your personality is you can find the right perfume to match it.