Saturday, February 9, 2013

Perfumes to Match Our Lifestyle and Personality

I love fragrances and it’s part of my system that I can’t go anywhere without it on my bag. I know all women should agree that it’s included in our daily regimen just like powder and other accessories that became part of women’s everyday habit. As such I’m very particular with the kind of fragrances that I used as I go for milder scents that can go with all kinds of weather. There are perfumes that can only be used on cool weather because of the strong scents not conducive for hot weather. 

There are wide selection of perfume oils in the market that we can choose from but it’s up to you what you really prefer in having. Some go for the very expensive branded perfume oils but others go for simple ones like me. I don’t want strong perfumes because it doesn’t go with my personality and lifestyle. I also go for perfume without alcohol and those that would last for hours because I have a busy schedule. I want floral scents that matches any kind of temperature be it cold or hot. Whatever your personality is you can find the right perfume to match it.


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