Monday, March 25, 2013

Chicken Tinola for the Rainy Days

I never expected a rush of strong rains today and I'm just glad I already arrived in the office before it happened.  It rained the whole day and it seems like it's not summer.  The weather is really unpredicable and you'll never really know when it's hold, cold or when it rains.  Well this is something that I should take note as the kids' body condition may suffer from this kind of season.  Sudden changes bring about colds, coughs
and a lot of weather-based sickness.  

To set the mood for the rainy night I cooked chicken tinola which is my Mom and DH's favorite.  The food is so perfect for the weather and for my Mom who is not feeling good.  Hope this one will change her mood and somehow lighten her cough and headache.  She's requesting this since the other day so I bought the ingredients over the weekend to come up with this.  I'm also not feeling well but I can't get sick as Bayantel will make their assessment tomorrow for our company's standard procedures and policies.  

So for my chicken tinola I prepared the following ingredients:

-  1/2 kilo chicken breast
-  1 big sayote, ginger,
-  1 onion
-  1/3 head garlic
-  bunch of pechay
-  sili leaves
-  pepper and salt to taste
- 1 chicken cube for seasoning
For procedures: 
- Heat oil and saute ginger, garlic and onion.  
- Add chicken and stir for 5 minutes then add water
- Bring to a boil and when chicken is cooked already add salt, pepper and chicken cube.  
- Add sayote and when cooked you just add the remaining ingredients- pechay and dahon ng sili.  
Enjoy while hot.


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