Saturday, March 2, 2013

Loving the Instrumental Sounds at Home

Since I’m now working at home again and only serving my company as part-time employee for twice a week I get to stay more at home thus learning some new home things too. It was quite a respite from the office work stress but it took me quite a while to decide on what I’m going to do with my work life. 

Anyway it was fun staying at home again with the company of my Mom who is always on her best mood to chat and watch TV with me. What I like about when I’m working is my music background. Most of the times I choose instrumental music because it will help you think of creative ideas as you can hear the instruments playing so softly and with the clarity of each music notes. 

It doesn’t matter to me if it’s piano or saxophone as long as the music is good, the instrument is perfectly played to the tune and the whole music befits my mood. I was also thinking what would the sound if they use the accompaniment of pbone, the plastic trombone that sounds like the typical brass trombones. I’m sure it will sound better because it has ergonomic grip that will help the player be comfortable with holding it. I learned it has various stylish colors.


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