Monday, March 25, 2013

Plans for Learning Musical Instruments

It’s first week of school break for the kids and we’re planning out our home activities after the holy week. Since they’ve got plenty of time for themselves they lined up our English 101 lessons and their much-awaited continuation of musical instrument learning courses. They’re very interested in learning each instrument they fancies and to update they’ve started learning piano, drums and a month ago their favorite guitar. 

I believe that my ancestor’s flair for music and playing instruments is running right through their blood because their love for music comes naturally. I didn’t force them to study and learn but they’re the ones who requested their own musical instruments and music courses. Now the little boy will have his violin from his cousin and as early as now he’s looking for his own music teacher to teach him the basics of playing violin. He wanted a home tutorial study this summer. 

Their love for instrument makes me wonder if they’re up to learning classic sousaphone also as they still don’t know it. I even teased my daughter that it’s only for their little brother because it fits boy rather than a girl. Well there’s still plenty of time for them to decide and all I can do is wait and hope that whatever they decide they will continue with it.


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