Saturday, April 13, 2013

Searching for Affordable Textbooks

I’m enjoying this summer vacation because I only go to office twice a week now as my request for part time work was granted last February. I love this season even if the heat is really unbearable sometimes because it’s the time that my kids and husband is free from school activities. Well actually not DH because he has just enrolled in summer classes for three of his subjects. He transferred to Secondary Education course after graduating from Associate in Electronics so he needs to complete his prerequisite subjects to fit it in his 3rd year class in the incoming school year. 

Anyway next month would be enrollment season again and as early as last month I’m saving all my online income for the kids’ tuition fees. For the textbooks which will be available late of May I’m thinking if I can get some of those on other source like Becks Books who has a one-stop resource for textbooks at affordable prices. Books are getting expensive these days and my budgetary allowance should be higher too unless I find a cheaper alternative or better prices. Well if I can save on the kids’ textbooks I could buy school supplies with the amount I’ve saved.


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