Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking His Vacation

I’m glad my brother is taking a rest from all his work now. He’s spending a 4-day vacation in Bohol where I also love to take my own relaxing vacation. He’s been working hard these days doing residential projects after another and we’re asking him to take it a little bit slower because it might affect his health. Last week he’s asking me about some steel tube bending he needs for his client and I told him I’ll help with the canvassing. 

When I finally searched and got what he needs he’s booked for a vacation. Well it could wait until the end of this week when he and his family arrives from their vacation. Most important is he’s now heeding our advice and taking some rest from work. It gets me into thinking when I can have my own vacation also. I want to go to the coolest place in town.


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