Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learning Various Mixes to Enjoy Coffee More

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I love drinking coffee while I’m writing article or reviews. It somehow relaxes my senses and gives me creative ideas and thoughts. If others get nervous whenever they drink strong coffee well it’s the other way for me. When I need anything to calm me down and feel relaxed I just need a cup of my favorite coffee to bring me to the mood I love especially if I received whole bean coffee from our hometown which has a different fresh taste for me. 

I’m used to drinking instant 3-in-1 coffee because it’s so accessible to have as you can buy it anywhere but I still want freshly brewed coffee at times. My niece who is studying Barista course promised to teach me how to mix special coffee broths in espresso machine when she graduates from the short course. She knows I love coffee and would love to learn mixing cappuccino, mocha frappe and others.


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