Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music Ministry

We always have a meeting every Sunday except for the youth afternoon fellowship every 5th Sunday. More and more the members of the youth ministry are showing maturity over some important things in the Church like their youth activities and I’m happy about it because my two daughters are already one of them. Some of them are also interested to be part of the music ministry in the coming years to come while others are content already in hearing what they want to play. Because of such enthusiasm the elders in the music ministry discussed about the replacement of the instruments in the coming months if they can save enough money for the new instruments. 

For now they should maximize the use of the instruments they have already until the day that they will again purchase new sets of musical instrument and some accessories. I wonder when they will buy such things as m-audio fast track which works great and has good sound quality or other accessories that will help them when they’re playing in worship and praise. It’s vital that all instruments are in good working condition when it’s time for praising songs because it inspires us when they do background  for our beautiful music.


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