Thursday, May 16, 2013

Perfect Time to Improve Our Homes

We had a spring cleaning of the house and it’s fun because we all worked for it including our dear little boy. Anyway he’s nearing 10 years of age and he really wants to participate and help. Since I did all necessary cleanups in the kitchen and bathroom he finds it necessary to help in that area too. He always wants to be near me just like any other youngest boy to his Mom. DH did the heavy tasks as expected and it’s good that his summer schooling is finished. Now we have all the time not just for family bonding but family projects too. 

We’re actually looking for something like an l clamp to use in fixing the kitchen pipes and faucets. I already asked my brother hoping that he has one in his construction site. I know he could find one in his warehouse and can also assign one of his workers to fix some needed problem areas in the house. Summer vacation is indeed a good time for repairing and improving the house because we have more time.


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