Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy and Busy Weekend at Home

Weekend turns out very busy for all of us at home. My eldest went out in the morning to attend a group project activity while the other two did their assignment and projects early to be able to enjoy the weekend afternoon playing chess and musical instruments. As always my daughter is with her guitar after she finished with using computer. She accompanied the music playing in my laptop and happily sings it too. She really won’t pass the day without enjoying her guitar and practicing some pieces assigned to her by the music ministry of our church. 

Well my little boy is asking me again when can we buy him his favorite drums like Mapex Drums at musicians friend. He can settle for the preowned drums they bought just as long as the tones are still in the best form. I told him to study guitar first and if he’s so keen on drums he can train in the church when he gets a little older. He’s happy with my answer and continued with his chess game.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Involved in University’s Activities

I had a very relaxing day today because I’ve spent the whole day resting, sleeping and bonding with DH. He has no classes today and since I didn’t want to work the whole day he used my laptop to do all his soft report in school. Lately he’s been doing a lot of reports that it’s comfortable and convenient to use the laptop where he can get it ready for his presentation next week. Since he’ll be using it for the school projector he might as well save it there to make sure it’s there when he needs it. 

He’s also looking for printing shop with print shop software at for the university’s examination papers. They’re thinking of best ways to have all the tests and examinations printed easier and faster instead of photocopying some of it. More and more he’s getting really involved n his university’s activities that the instructors are asking him for some inputs or ideas. Well he’s going to be a full-pledged high school teacher soon and he might as well practice thinking like them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Value of Quality Presentation Folders

Business is like home in a way that when your exterior looks neat and beautiful people will think that it’s similar or better when they get inside. I’ve been employed for more than 20 years now as I’ve started just after college graduation and never stopped working except for two years work-at-home job. With my work experiences I’ve learned many facets of marketing, human resources, finance and administration from which the sales and marketing needs a lot of first impressions to get a good sales record. 

Being close to a friend who is a manager of sales and marketing I know how she manages a good sales record in her shoulders. She has it all to close a deal even with unrelenting clients. And do you want to know her secret? She always do and carry with herself an impressive print presentation folders every client meeting she goes. She has good looks, bright mind, lots of work experiences and the initiative to think of winning marketing strategy and materials. It pays to give the best presentation folders to your clients because they will look up to it when they’re not with you and may produce a great sale results in the end.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Right Career for His Dreams

As DH is into his 3rd year Secondary Education college course he’s already having feasibility and thesis subjects on his load. I observed that the course takes a lot of writing with stress on techniques of teaching, education and observation. There’s always a need for research, concept and essays that DH always spends his time on the laptop doing his multiple projects and reports. 

He’s very keen on submitting his reports in perfect presentation that he always receives good praises from his instructors. Well I’m thankful that he found the right career for him even if in his late thirties and I’m planning to buy him a nice class ring on his graduation next year. I’m just a proud wife of the person who strives hard to reach his dreams and goals for his family and we owe it all to God.