Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Involved in University’s Activities

I had a very relaxing day today because I’ve spent the whole day resting, sleeping and bonding with DH. He has no classes today and since I didn’t want to work the whole day he used my laptop to do all his soft report in school. Lately he’s been doing a lot of reports that it’s comfortable and convenient to use the laptop where he can get it ready for his presentation next week. Since he’ll be using it for the school projector he might as well save it there to make sure it’s there when he needs it. 

He’s also looking for printing shop with print shop software at for the university’s examination papers. They’re thinking of best ways to have all the tests and examinations printed easier and faster instead of photocopying some of it. More and more he’s getting really involved n his university’s activities that the instructors are asking him for some inputs or ideas. Well he’s going to be a full-pledged high school teacher soon and he might as well practice thinking like them.


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