Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy and Busy Weekend at Home

Weekend turns out very busy for all of us at home. My eldest went out in the morning to attend a group project activity while the other two did their assignment and projects early to be able to enjoy the weekend afternoon playing chess and musical instruments. As always my daughter is with her guitar after she finished with using computer. She accompanied the music playing in my laptop and happily sings it too. She really won’t pass the day without enjoying her guitar and practicing some pieces assigned to her by the music ministry of our church. 

Well my little boy is asking me again when can we buy him his favorite drums like Mapex Drums at musicians friend. He can settle for the preowned drums they bought just as long as the tones are still in the best form. I told him to study guitar first and if he’s so keen on drums he can train in the church when he gets a little older. He’s happy with my answer and continued with his chess game.


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