Friday, August 26, 2016

Fruit on Stick on Birthday Parties

When I attend parties usually on kids' party there's always hotdog on stick at the table perfectly arranged around a big watermelon or cabbage whatever is the fancy of the host.  Hotdog on stick is commonly with cheese or marshmallows on each side and kids love it.  Even when my kids are already teens I still prepare some of hotdogs on stick for enjoyment.

Now looking at these fruits on stick it gave me nice ideas for the coming birthdays.  I know not only adults will like it but my kids as well because they also love fruits and will certainly be excited at the beautiful arrangement. This is such a unique and creative idea and I'll copy this for sure. Variety of fruits or the kinds I'll put will depend on the fruits in season or I'll just use some that are always available like apple, grapes, pineapple and others. This is going to be fun and healthy too. What about you? Some ideas on what to put on the stick?


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