Friday, August 2, 2013

Harmonizing Furniture with Musical Accessories

We only have simple speakers in our house made by DH on one of his projects in his electronic course. It’s just perfect for us except that it doesn’t harmonize with the furniture unlike the leslie speaker I found online which complements the color of our home furniture. Although I appreciate modern homes and furniture a part of me always look back to old traditional furniture made of wood and in deep brown colors. 

Well the colors and looks of speakers doesn’t affect music but it’s nice to have singing and instruments playing with a speaker that doesn’t just sounds good but looks good as well. My family loves music and has inclination to music from old generations until now that we love collecting musical instruments and accessories that complements our music room also. I would love to design a real music room when our plan to renovate the house begins next year. Dreams are made to achieve.


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