Thursday, August 15, 2013

Planning a Good Combination of Instruments

We’re planning a fellowship during the coming holidays just before December to have a practice of what we’ll do in our outdoor fellowship in Baguio. It’s actually a fellowship cum vacation for the whole church and just like two years ago when we had our very first group vacation in the summer capital of the country we aim to spend more time in fellowship. On our practice we’re going to use musical instruments as it will be held only in the nearby town and we’re discussing if we should add one guitar like fretless bass guitar I saw online. 

Previously we have two electric guitars but suddenly they stopped using the other and just concentrated on the other one. Anyway I believe that it’s either that we replace the existing one or we just add a piano or keyboard for solemn praising. Sometimes I find the drum set too loud that the voices were drowned and can’t be heard. We’re still thinking if we should have all the musical instruments played all at once or choose better combination of instruments. We’ve experienced having all of those instruments played on our fellowship regularly several years ago and I must say it depends on the musician on how they will blend all of it to give an inspiring music.


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