Saturday, August 17, 2013

Redge and Ruth's Food Birthday Feast

We had such fun and real bonding for my dear sister and my daughter's successive birthdays tomorrow and on the 19th.  When I gave birth to Ruth my sister is hoping that I'll be able to deliver my eldest on her birthday also but 5 hours before the clocks tick 12midnight to 19th  I already gave birth to my first baby.  Redge is my one and only sister and she's also like a second mother to my kids that we always celebrate their birthdays together.

We chose to celebrate today for a more relaxed lunch date and plenty of time to enjoy their birthdays.  We ordered monster meal deal good for 12 people but actually we're only 7 so you can just imagine how much we feasted on their group meal.  The meal consists of 2 large thin crust manager's choice and pepperoni which we exchanged for hawaiian, 2 large platters of classic spaghetti and carbonara supreme, 12 pc. party pack chicken 'n mojos and 3 pitchers of drinks - coke, root beer and iced tea.  

Kids were so happy and enjoyed their meal especially my little boy who asked me if he can also celebrate his birthday with the same monster meal deal.  Actually he just love the chicken 'n mojos and pizza, since the meal is really more than we can manage he's happy to take home some of it. After we eat and can't walk anymore lol!  we roam around the mall and shopped for blouses for my girls.  Since the weather is starting to show signs that there's a storm coming up in the next few days we went home early.


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