Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suggestions for Starting Road Racing Events

CGI Racing is the type of company that promotes local races, whether they are half marathons, marathons, or triathlons of all types. It is easy to see the upcoming events and sign up for the one or ones you plan on participating in. The Ironman Triathlon starts out with participants swimming 2.4 miles, then biking 112 miles and finishing with a full marathon of 26.2 miles. You have to be in the elite athlete class to tackle this monumental race. So, starting out with untimed races that go shorter distances is a great place to start.

Getting Started and the Equipment

Seasoned triathletes suggest that your first triathlons should be close to home. If you are trying triathlons out because you don’t know if you will like them enough to continue with more training and more races, find a wetsuit for the swimming portion of the triathlon that you can rent,or only sign up for events that let you do the swimming portion of the event in a pool. At the least, you will need a swimming suit and goggles. To start out with, the bike you have right now is a great place to start. You could even borrow one from someone to try the whole experience out first, before you invest the money in a bike specifically for triathlons. The only equipment you will need for the running portion of the event is running shoes. If you don’t already have a pair, a shoe salesman will be able to get you hooked up with the right shoes for what you need.  


There are triathlon training plans all over the Internet, in books, and out of the heads of the people you know who are currently participating in triathlons and who have had years of experience. The excitement of the race may cause you to hurry when you shouldn’t. Resting during the race is allowed. The transitions between events is part of your time and they need to be smooth and done as quicklyas possible. Once you have completed a couple of events, you will be hooked and your speeds will get increasingly faster. Keep checking with someone like CGI Racing for information on all upcoming events.


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