Monday, September 2, 2013

Giving Our Best Care to Our Seniors

We’ll all grow old and when that time comes we’re all hoping that we’ll be happy growing old and enjoying our golden years with our loved ones. Not everyone will be able to enjoy it but some are fortunate enough to be gifted with children who are kind to take care of them lovingly. Well our seniors should be the most important members of our family as they spent their time and effort in taking care of our needs physically, emotionally and financially, thus they should be given preferential love and attention when they reached their golden years. 

I remember my father when he’s still living and got bedridden. He becomes almost a baby to us making him our first priority in everything that we do. We cared for him, prepared blended dishes especially for him and did everything to make him feel good when he’s not feeling well. When he can’t make it to stand to go to the bathroom we used reusable adult diapers so he will not be rushing and forced to stand and walk just to do his usual comfort necessities.

It’s good that these washable diapers were created and put to market because it made a way for easy disposal without making it too uncomfortable and awkward for our dear seniors. For the family who is taking care of the seniors it’s not only convenient but affordable as well because disposable diapers in the past were more expensive than the washable ones. It comes with an absorbent liner that slides into the sewn-in moisture pouch. 

For the seniors it’s more comfortable because they feel relief when using it plus it looks and feels like regular underwear. This way they will not feel that they’re unable to do things their way because with washable diapers they can be their normal self again.


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