Monday, October 28, 2013

Holiday Rest with the Family

It’s nice to be at home with DH, my kids, Mom and sister for this election holiday. Redge and I spent few hours shopping and preparing our special food for the day. We made macaroni-fruit salad and cooked our favorite ground pork menudo with veggies. I missed cooking special foods for my family as my work schedule became a 6-day work week and even though the last work day is only a half day my time is not enough to prepare special dishes and desserts. 

Anyway the kids are on their school break already and their schooling will resume next week so it’s a good time to cook their favorites. We made a kilo of salad to sustain us for 2 or three days enough for the kids’ vacation and before the next Nov. 1 holiday. We actually experimented on our mixture of ingredients for our combined fruit and macaroni which is both healthy and sinful for our diets. The kids love it and complained of over eating the dessert lol. 

The day is so relaxing and even gave me some nappy time to give me enough energy for my night online work. It almost made me forget that I have to visit this site that my brother needs for his construction business. Wish I can spend a holiday without a work but I’m thankful that I have many blessings of work.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rest from School Works

Few days from now my kids will have their break from school and hopefully have some needed rest from all school activities. This month has gave them plenty of things to do both in school and at home with volumes of paper works, projects and even shooting some videos. I can’t stand the sight of them trying to stay awake to finish everything and most of the times I help them to make it easy for them. 

Well I’m not much of help because almost all their works are really for their own only so I just help them by cooking food for them while they’re doing their school things. At times they would take a break and sing to lighten their load and if we only have time I would take a video or record it. It would be clearer and beautiful when you record it using the likes of loop station at gc which can make your recording voice not just more powerful but great sounding as well.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best for My Kids

I always want the best for my kids when it comes to the things that matters in their life. I cook the best food for them, give them good education, best of my love and care, guide them throughout the years and understand them in any I can. I know every Mom would do the same given the chance and opportunity. Loving them is better than just giving them material things but sometimes it’s alright to let them enjoy small luxuries that they love. 

Most of the times I buy discounted vouchers of various foods and restaurants they love so we can enjoy time together dining without spending too much. That’s because of coupons and discount vouchers that I buy a lot like in yescomusa where they offer coupon codes that will let you buy their products without hurting your pockets. You’ll also get discount on tradeshow booths.


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Tips on Common Saucy Pinoy Recipes

When I was still very young and novice in cooking I look into some recipes with a thought that recipe look somewhat familiar in look and ingredients. When my Mom cook a certain meal recipe I would see her cutting the same ingredients but with different sizes and with add-ons. Well the recipes I’m talking about are the popular Pinoy saucy recipe we have in our every day meals and on festivities such as Mechado, Afritada, Menudo and Caldereta. So if you’re one of those people who find it a little confusing when it comes to differences of these recipe maybe these little tips will help you. I learned few years ago with my Mom and my church mate who is a great cook. 

What’s the difference between the 4 most common Pinoy recipes? In all we use garlic, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, potatoes, carrots and black pepper but here’s the difference, in Afritada you put patis sauce and little vinegar instead of soy sauce, in Mechado you put soy sauce and tomato sauce, in Menudo you put pork liver, soy sauce and tomato sauce and in Caldereta you’ll use soy sauce, tomato sauce, liver spread and cheese. So that’s it folks! That’s all I have to share to you but I also believe that each and everyone of us have their own way of making their dishes special, I’m not much of a follower of traditional cooking as I always want to experiment with new taste and variations, it’s boring if you stop learning.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Comfortable Eyeglasses

Since college I was always wearing eyeglasses because of my nearsightedness and it’s actually not a big thing for me as I’ve grown used to it. Throughout the years since the time I wore my first prescription glasses there are several innovations in treating eye defects and sickness including the very popular laser operation and many other modern treatment processes. There are also modern technology that offered fashionable means of correcting your eyes even without wearing eyeglasses such as various kinds of contact lenses. 

Through all these innovations I remained loyal to my dear eyeglasses which offered not only treatment to my eyes but convenience as well. I may not be able to wear contact lens for the reason that it’s too tasking to clean and maintain it to prevent irritation and other things. My busy schedule wouldn’t allow me to wear such lenses and I’m glad I’m contented with my own glasses.