Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Comfortable Eyeglasses

Since college I was always wearing eyeglasses because of my nearsightedness and it’s actually not a big thing for me as I’ve grown used to it. Throughout the years since the time I wore my first prescription glasses there are several innovations in treating eye defects and sickness including the very popular laser operation and many other modern treatment processes. There are also modern technology that offered fashionable means of correcting your eyes even without wearing eyeglasses such as various kinds of contact lenses. 

Through all these innovations I remained loyal to my dear eyeglasses which offered not only treatment to my eyes but convenience as well. I may not be able to wear contact lens for the reason that it’s too tasking to clean and maintain it to prevent irritation and other things. My busy schedule wouldn’t allow me to wear such lenses and I’m glad I’m contented with my own glasses.


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