Monday, July 7, 2014

Quality and Healthy Preservation of Foods

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My Auntie makes and sells her own preserved food when she was younger. I always see her cleaning her jars and preparing all the necessary things for cooking and packing. She makes the best achara (papaya in vinegar, carrots, pepper etc.) in town but several years back her body retired from physical stress of cooking, packing and selling. One of these days I’ll probably ask her how to do it her way. Anyway she told some tips on how to ensure that the preserved food has passed the quality standards. It has to be something about the color, clearness, flavour, texture and packing. 

First the color should be as near that of the natural food as possible. The syrup or liquid should be clear and free from seeds and sediments. The flavour should be as close to its natural flavour as possible. The texture should be tender but not overcooked. And the last which is equally important also, the packing. There should be good symmetrical arrangement and best use of space. There should be uniform in sizes and shapes of food. Well that’s precisely what I’ve remembered from what’s Auntie was doing when she was still very active with her business. She made it a point that everything’s in order before she start the process.


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