Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rest from School Works

Few days from now my kids will have their break from school and hopefully have some needed rest from all school activities. This month has gave them plenty of things to do both in school and at home with volumes of paper works, projects and even shooting some videos. I can’t stand the sight of them trying to stay awake to finish everything and most of the times I help them to make it easy for them. 

Well I’m not much of help because almost all their works are really for their own only so I just help them by cooking food for them while they’re doing their school things. At times they would take a break and sing to lighten their load and if we only have time I would take a video or record it. It would be clearer and beautiful when you record it using the likes of loop station at gc which can make your recording voice not just more powerful but great sounding as well.


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