Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tips on Common Saucy Pinoy Recipes

When I was still very young and novice in cooking I look into some recipes with a thought that recipe look somewhat familiar in look and ingredients. When my Mom cook a certain meal recipe I would see her cutting the same ingredients but with different sizes and with add-ons. Well the recipes I’m talking about are the popular Pinoy saucy recipe we have in our every day meals and on festivities such as Mechado, Afritada, Menudo and Caldereta. So if you’re one of those people who find it a little confusing when it comes to differences of these recipe maybe these little tips will help you. I learned few years ago with my Mom and my church mate who is a great cook. 

What’s the difference between the 4 most common Pinoy recipes? In all we use garlic, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, potatoes, carrots and black pepper but here’s the difference, in Afritada you put patis sauce and little vinegar instead of soy sauce, in Mechado you put soy sauce and tomato sauce, in Menudo you put pork liver, soy sauce and tomato sauce and in Caldereta you’ll use soy sauce, tomato sauce, liver spread and cheese. So that’s it folks! That’s all I have to share to you but I also believe that each and everyone of us have their own way of making their dishes special, I’m not much of a follower of traditional cooking as I always want to experiment with new taste and variations, it’s boring if you stop learning.


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