Friday, November 29, 2013

Heated Clothing for Cold Weather Place

Temperature is really getting cold now here in our place but it’s nothing compared to other countries where there is a season of winter. My cousin who is currently working in one of the hospitals in US emailed me to click here for heated clothing as she badly needed one. She’s so busy with her work that she has no time to search for the things she needs for the holidays. 

When I imagined myself working there I smiled thinking how will I cope with such extreme cold weather as I always have difficulties whenever the weather here is so cold. Anyway maybe with heated clothing I might be able to withstand it or have layered warm clothing perhaps. In three weeks’ time we’ll also have our own vacation in the coolest place in our town and as early as now I’m preparing my family’s clothing for the occasion.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kids' Costumes for Drama and Plays

My daughters are having so much school activities that sometimes they stay awake late at nights to finish them all. Most of the times they spent few hours with their school mates to do and finish group tasks like doing plays, presentations and coming up with various costumes. They always have to look for old generation costumes like gowns of the 60s or something that they will use for drama skits. 

I will not be surprised if they ask me to buy or borrow revlon wigs or any other hair accessory because their needs depend on the type of drama character they would need to portray. Well it’s interesting and really exciting but sometimes you have to produce such costumes in a rush so it’s also a pressure as well.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Value for Your Money

I just love weekend because it’s the time of the week when I could spend a whole day of my time away from work. Since it’s also my kids’ break from school work I get to spend quality time with them. Now that I have to go to work on Saturday in the morning I count my weekend starting at noon and I try to make the most of it by staying with my kids while watching television, chatting, playing online on computer games and cooking as well. We also get to talk about things that we experience the whole week and our plans for our church activities which constitutes most of our Sunday time. 

We spend our whole Sunday in our church with fellowship in the morning and meeting in the afternoon. Last Sunday we talked about the update on our musical instruments on repair and replacement. Most of our instruments are aging already and we need to replace them with high quality ones like spector bass at wwbw so it would last for long period of time. The value of buying good and branded instruments is you’re getting better sound quality and usage is longer. I’ve observed this in many of our instruments in the church and in our house. It’s getting value for your hard earned money.