Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Weekends at Home

Now that I’m very busy with my work I only get to cook special dishes twice a week mostly on midweek and weekends. I missed those days of being a WAHM when I can think of anything special and be able to cook it right away because I manage my own work time at home. Now my husband is also into cooking and lately being so enthusiastic with coming up original dishes of his own. In fact he has come up with a chicken honey dish that could surpass the taste of one good chicken restaurant I love to eat at. 

Well anyway he cooks at weekends too and I’m always looking forward to my Saturday afternoons free from work because I get to hear my daughter playing piano or guitar and my other two kids singing in the background. I can just imagine if they’re using one of the best tlm102 at musicians friend I know that their voices would be clearer and audible. Often times they practice songs and offer them in our fellowship’s testimony time. Gen plays the piano then Ruth and Josh sings. What a lovely tune for my ears hearing my kids sing their song to the Lord.


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