Thursday, December 11, 2014

Keeping Track of Ovulation

When I had my two children via caesarean section in two consecutive years we were advised by my OB Gyne to do planning and we choose the natural way. We were given some seminar on how to count days before and after fertility and it worked naturally on us. I can say it’s the best and through this I learned to know my body more. I had my third kid after 5 years and we were very happy that we had the opportunity to learn.

Only few women track their ovulation, not many women really give much attention to it. says that it is better for a women to track her ovulation, not only when trying to conceive but also for them to know their body more. There are several reasons why it’s good to keep track of ovulation.

1. For couples trying to conceive, ovulation or fertile days is their window of opportunity. If a woman is able to pinpoint her ovulation, there’s more chances to get pregnant than those couples who don’t. Ovulation is when a woman is most fertile and ready to conceive as this is also the same time that her body releases the egg.

2. For couples who are family planning and want to do it in a natural way, being able to know when the woman ovulates is also very helpful as that’s the same time for them to avoid having contact with each other or use protection if needed in order for the woman to not get pregnant.

3. If a woman wants to understand and know her body more, being able to also know when she ovulates is very helpful. If you have a regular cycle and you suddenly know you’re not ovulating during the time that you’re supposed to, something must be wrong or not going well. You’re either too stressed or needing a short break. Either way, it’s a lot better to be able to know your body and take a pause when you think something is not going right.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Enjoying Weekends Full of Home Music

As much as possible we want to stay at home during weekends to rest and relax from a week of work and school activities. We always go from one place to another on every holiday so we make the most of ordinary weekends to be with the family and have bonding moments. Well on early morning I accompany my son to his keyboard class in school and spent the rest of the day cooking, chatting, watching TV and enjoying the day with my loved ones. 

As Josh is fast learning keyboard operation he practices what he learns from music class which fills our Saturday afternoon especially when her sister Gen taught him some tips and tricks in playing. I just like the sight of them playing and love listening to the soft music background of keyboard tunes. My kids really love playing musical instrument and they were the ones who asked me to enroll them in music class. Anyway it’s in our blood to love music from my grandfather to my father and uncle. 

When we’re planning for our home renovation the kids wanted to have a real music room where we can collect and arrange their favorite musical instruments and accessories like guitar, keyboards, lyre and a lot more. We also wish that we can have quality amplifier, a complete sound system and equipment with the likes of maschine mikro and some good speakers, microphones and every little accessories they may want to have.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Home Environment with Music

Our home has happy environment especially when we’re all at home on weekends and holidays. We make sure that we cook some of our favorite foods and watch cable movies together for a great bonding. At times the kids play guitar and keyboards to practice what they learned from music school and hear some Christian songs online. We make our weekends special by simple things that make us happy and make the most of the day just by being together. 

As music is our common love we want clear and solid sounds when we play instruments and songs and this is not that possible with our current speaker and amplifier. We’re now searching for a way to finely tune the sounds and we found out that this is possible with quality powered monitors. 

The JBL sound can be relied on for quality sound at a price that homes can afford. My friend told me to Join now. By joining she feels that I can see what I can buy from them for our specific needs and requirements and get some discount deals.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feel At Home On Weekends

It always feels good to be at home during holidays and weekends when you have all the time to tinker and organize things in your house without worrying about time schedules. This is what I’m going to do next weekend because my kitchen really needs some attention now. Since we added another room in our ground floor our dining and kitchen areas were minimized from huge to ordinary area. 

Anyway it only needs some creativity to revive the old arrangement and looking through I began to think of simple stylish ways on how to make my dining and kitchen look the way it used to be – cozy and comfortable. Well I love home decorating and improving especially if I have my husband by my side to support my ideas and help me in moving and fixing things.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Music Learning Programs for Kids

Since my online job is at its low peak I have more time to spend with my family and my home chores. After office days I usually spend my weekends cleaning, cooking and help in washing clothes. Early morning I accompany my youngest kid Josh in his keyboard class and since it only takes less than two hours I stay in the school and wait for him. I bring my tablet and a book to while my time away. It’s good to wait for my son’s class as I get to know several of their music teachers. Little Jewels school offers various music learning programs for their students with a minimal fee per month. 

They have plenty to choose from like guitar, violin, drums, lyre and keyboard which you can learn after regular school hours or on a Saturday. They will buy their own instrument wherever they want like at musicans friend or any music store and bring it every class. It gives the students opportunity to learn to play music in the convenience of their school with their school friends and earn some points in ECA as well. Well for me learning music itself is a privilege even if it will not earn points so I let my little boy enjoy the opportunity at a young age. As we say young children learns faster than the oldies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Magnetic Therapy for Back Pain

I’ve been suffering from shoulder and back pain lately and I’m just lucky that my husband is always there to massage me with my Chinese ointment almost every night. I’m a healthy person and always following a healthy regimen in my life, eating the right kinds of foods but I got the pain from exposure in our office airconditioner. I was the one nearest to it and the recipient of too much cold which turned into the pain I’m suffering these past few weeks. 

Lately I got good news online that magnetic bracelets for my therapy will help me with my back and shoulder pain problem. You just have to wear it on the rear pocket and it will do wonders. Now I’m thinking if it will be right for me and my long-time pain. Well it’s not bad to try; you just have to wear it anyway. .

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Additions and Improvement in Our House

We’re finished with our simple home improvement in the house. We have successfully added a new room for my Mom’s use and we’re all happy about it especially she’s now feeling more comfortable with the new setup. Now she can do everything without going up and about the two floors of our house. As it’s not advisable for her to go upstairs the new setup suits her perfectly and we can see all her activities the whole day. Since we also have our bedroom downstairs it’s hard for us to always go up and check on her when she wants to stay in her upper room. 

Now we can proceed to our next project which is repainting of our own bedroom and kitchen. For the last three Saturdays I’ve been doing a lot of inventory and have taken note of my several dining items. I would like to have them grouped and labeled in the next weekends to come. I also want to add some personalized items like mugs with logo and name, embroidered kitchen towels, linens made in crochet and some other nice items beautifully carved with names. I’m quite happy that we have started with our goal of restoring the beauty of our house and hope to have enough finances to finish it in a year.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Quality and Healthy Preservation of Foods

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My Auntie makes and sells her own preserved food when she was younger. I always see her cleaning her jars and preparing all the necessary things for cooking and packing. She makes the best achara (papaya in vinegar, carrots, pepper etc.) in town but several years back her body retired from physical stress of cooking, packing and selling. One of these days I’ll probably ask her how to do it her way. Anyway she told some tips on how to ensure that the preserved food has passed the quality standards. It has to be something about the color, clearness, flavour, texture and packing. 

First the color should be as near that of the natural food as possible. The syrup or liquid should be clear and free from seeds and sediments. The flavour should be as close to its natural flavour as possible. The texture should be tender but not overcooked. And the last which is equally important also, the packing. There should be good symmetrical arrangement and best use of space. There should be uniform in sizes and shapes of food. Well that’s precisely what I’ve remembered from what’s Auntie was doing when she was still very active with her business. She made it a point that everything’s in order before she start the process.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fun Shopping with My Girls

It’s fun having two daughters growing up and reaching their mid-teens as we can now talk about shopping and some girls’ talk. It’s like reaching out to them when we talk about women’s favorite things like shoes, bags, clothes and accessories. I’m happy that God has blessed me with girls as we share lots of things. This time of the year we plan to buy their things in school and replenish their personal things. It’s good that even if I have regular office work we can get to our laptop at night and look at some awesome shopping sites.

Lately we’ve been looking at some nice fashionable shoes at Zalora and glad that we can afford their stylish products. At times they offer discount vouchers and good deals for specific offered products. Now we even have the same taste for style and colors even if our ages are way too far, thanks to fashionable styles that can be for any range of age. Well we’ll be trying out their flats which we love using most for our frequent vacation and trips. It’s fun shopping on line with my girls.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting the Best Thermostat for Heating and Cooling System in Your Home

Our home is where we should feel our most relaxing time and where we must feel our most convenient mood. Well it’s expected because our home is our resting zone from all the stress and anxieties we experience in our daily living. Hence it should be equipped with the things that will make our home activities easy and comfortable for better stay in our home sweet home. Maintenance is of key importance because a well-maintained home is a good place to live in and less worry. If you lack care and maintenance it will also mean high costs on repairs. We should understand that we should be able to see early signs of malfunctioning areas and equipment to be able to repair it immediately and prevent major breakdown. 

When it comes to heating and cooling we must consult the experts or those who knows best to ensure that our heaters and air conditioning units will function according to our specific needs and requirements. Of course an installation of high quality equipment will guarantee not just good service but long time usage as well. When you have good brands of heating and cooling system you need to control them with the best Wifi Thermostat that will give you best features and settings for your system. It should also be compatible with the model of your heaters or air conditioners for full functional capabilities.

Settings are important when you have your wifi thermostats and you should check if it has an indoor climate security that when the battery dies it should have safe settings for warm or cool temperature even if you cannot control it. This is vital because certain occurrences happen and if it does you’re safe that you’ll still be convenient with the air inside your home. It can also have password to protect whatever temperature you set on your home just in case the kids try to play with the settings. 

Since thermostat can really be of great help when monitoring your energy usage you can use some good tips and helpful ways on how to maximize it for your own benefit. Setting your thermostat in the proper location is one good step to lower your energy consumption. Knowing when you should make the setting lower for your refrigerator and freezer at given days will ensure long life of your equipment plus great savings on your budget on electric bills. In all aspect of using your thermostat you should know fully how you should lower the settings and when to reset and turn it off for your own convenience and budgetary costing.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Home Bonding

It’s hard to leave the house when all members of the family are all home. As it’s a weekend and there’s no school activity all my kids are just there in the house relaxing from the stress of exams and never ending projects. This week they’ve started getting clearances from their teachers and they stay in school half of the day to complete everything they need to complete requirements. Today is the start of their vacation except for Ruth who is graduating from High School. They’re busy with graduation practice and they stay in school up to early evening to get ready for next week’s graduation day. 

Anyway I’m thinking of something functional and memorable gift for my eldest kid who expects nothing expensive from me. I’m looking at these watches and tablets now contemplating which is better for her. She told me last month that she’s going to need a laptop or netbook in her college course but I’m going to give her a tablet first because I can give my own laptop to her if she wants it. Anything for my dear daughter…well I’ll just borrow it if I need it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Perks of Staying Home

When was the last time you feel like you want to stay at home the whole day and forget about the stress in your work? I have a friend who always looks forward to 5:00 in the afternoon when she can rest in the comfort of her home no matter how long. Well we always want the days to be nearing weekends so we can spend the whole day with our family. Staying at home has its perks as you can do valuable things without too much spending like playing recreational games, bonding with the family, singing and playing musical instruments and some others that delights the whole family. 

My daughter is a little sad now that her favorite guitar accidentally slipped and got a crack on the body. She can’t play now so it’s either we have it repaired or buy a new one which is a bit hard as I don’t have time now. Glad I found some outlets that sell not just instruments but accessories as well just like Ghs which provide guitar strings and cleaner. It’s fun looking through online sites when you’re at home with the kids as they’re the ones that points to the musical instruments they want in the future. Maybe if we get extra budget we’ll be able to invest on musical instruments.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Music Schooling for the Kids on Summer

Another month to go and it’s going to be super fun for the kids because school break will come. Summer is always the best season not just for kids but for parents as well. This is the time that you can be with your kids most of the times because they will have plenty of time for family bonding, vacation and anything that you want to do. Every summer seems a holiday for us specially that we get to visit and stay in MIL’s house in Montalban for a week or so. At times we let one of the kids to be with their granny for three or more days and let them bond even on summer days only. 

Well there are various activities that you can do on summer school break like sports activities, summer getaway, swimming or summer schooling. There was a time that I enrolled my kids in piano and drums music lesson in a sponsored municipal program. They have enjoyed, learned the basics and graduated from the course but the following year I let them spend the vacation without any summer workshop so they can rest and enjoy the summer fully without any disturbance. 

Now they don’t have to enroll anymore as they’re good in playing and anyway they can also learn online like having piano flash cards where they can learn notes, rhythm and some challenges from primer through higher levels. Music can be so enlightening especially if you can access steps to learning through online.  It's also convenient and saves time as well.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Great Family Time in Rachel's Birthday

We had a great time with the family yesterday in celebrating my niece Rachel’s debut party. It’s not the usual party that you see with dancing as we don’t practice real night parties. The debutante only had short waltz dance with special men in her life and school friends in traditional 18 roses. The two emcees, the daughters of their Pastor were very good with entertaining guests with their lively hosting. They know Rachel from her childhood which makes their words just the right thing with the debutante’s birthday. All through the ceremonies of 18 treasures, 18 bills, 18 bags and 18 candles the music went by smoothly. The venue has slightly open walls making way for a loud music which turned out just enough to be heard around the big venue of less than 200 visitors. 

Well there are no real musical instruments except components, amplifiers, digital projectors and wireless microphones. I was expecting some though but I should say it’s safer not to have live instruments. I know that if my brother is not that busy he would have their family played piano, guitar or drums as he was earlier asking for yamaha drum hardware but then they will not feel the moment if they have tasks. The birthday celebration turned out happy and a little sentimental at the last part of wishes. Even without dancing the party came out alive and full of memorable moments especially with the serenade of my niece’ good old friend in high school who is an actor now and created awesome moments to the crowd.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Niece’ Debut

Today we’re celebrating my eldest niece’ 18th birthday. Her real birthday was a week ago but they’ve decided to make it this day to accommodate her school schedule. Rachel May is the second of my brother’s kids and the eldest daughter. She’s the first to have a debut because her elder brother will have to wait for next year for his 21st birthday. Everything is ready and the food is complete except that my brother asked me to cook extra dessert for the occasion. 

It’s good that yesterday was a holiday and I was able to cook pink gelatin for 200 visitors with some extras for the house guests. For the gift I’ve been thinking this whole week of nice one for her but all I’m seeing online are jewelries like platinum rings, fashion necklace and some accessories so I went to the mall for more ideas. Glad I found the storage box with designs and colors of her debut motif and immediately bought it and had it wrapped with a nice dark pink ribbon. I know she will like it because she has so many tidbits and pieces to keep and the box is a great one for storing it neatly. Later this afternoon we’ll go to the venue earlier than other guests to help my SIL with the last needed things.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enjoying Music at Home

It’s good to be at home especially on long weekends observing holidays. There’s no better than spending bonding moments with the family if you can’t afford an outdoor family activity. Sometimes we do some Christian music videoke singing with the kids to maximize the time of togetherness. Some other families have their own way of doing it like our tenants in our compound. 

They have a different pattern for enjoying music as they spent every occasion like baptismal, birthdays and special celebrations on unlimited videoke. that stops at midnight. I wonder if they have the likes of best bose noise cancelling headphones at musicians friend in their music parties because they only rent the machine and drop coins on every background music played.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Forex

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Forex Investing online may be convenient especially that a lot of opportunities are available. However, there are also disadvantages from it too. One of these is the fact that you can get scammed as fake websites gone rampant. Hence, it’s really important and at the same time, very helpful to at least have the idea on what are the advantages and disadvantages of investing online. In this way, you will be able to avoid or somehow, prevent the things that are possible to occur. 

One of the businesses that can be invested online and at the same time most invested of all is forex. That is due to the convenience of this particular business. But similar to other businesses, it consists of positive and negative views as well. 

When it comes to investing for forex trading especially if you’re new in the field, it is really important to know what are the advantages and so its disadvantages. In this way, you can manage it well and accordingly if times that you will get into trouble then. 

The Advantages of Forex Trading: 

    •   Capital 
       - First things, first. Forex trading is one of the businesses that allow individuals to start their business for as low as 100 bucks! If you are planning to come up with a business yet you only have a hundred bucks with you, have it done in forex trading instead. 

    •   Leverage 
        - In forex, the leverage is high compare to other forms of financial businesses. It also gives you high profit through this. 

    •   24 hours Market 
      - With forex, one can do trading whenever he wants as the market is open 24 hours from Mondays to Fridays. This is for the purpose of those people who are located in different countries can do the trading according to their time zone. 

    •   Technology 
        - With the help of technology, trading can be done anytime an investor wants to. Apart from that, trading is also done easily due to the convenience of the generation has for such business. 

The Disadvantages: 

          •     Leverage
        - Leverage in forex may be has a convenience to give to its investors, but a great danger has also covers it. The higher the leverage is, the greater the chances an investor can gain or loss on his investment. Yes, leverage in the other hand may be advantage only if the trading you’ve done will win. But apparently, there are times that we get to lose something. That’s the time when you fail to win your bid. Whatever leverage you’ve bid, if you lose it, twice the amount you’ve bid is expected to get from your account. That makes leverage a bad image. 

   •    Beginner’s luck 
       - If you’re new in the industry and you don’t have any idea on what are the terms and how particularly forex trading works, be hesitant to make a decision of investing at forex. Though it’s not really necessary to have a great knowledge in investing it, it is still advantage to at least have the ideas on how it really works. 

It is really an advantage to have knowledge on what are the pros and cons of a particular industry. That is to save you from those people who take love to take advantage. Aside from knowing what are the advantages and disadvantages, it is also important to study a particular field before investing to it. This is to avoid of wasting your money, time, and most of all your effort. 

Read more about forex at:

Monday, January 27, 2014

Family of Musicians

My brother and sister-in-law finalized the menu for the upcoming debut celebration of their daughter on weekend. We’re all excited and looking forward to it and thinking of best wishes for her on that day. I’m one of the 18 candles and I will have to say my wishes for my dear niece whom I always refer to as the kindest among my Mom’s grandkids and that’s including my own. She’s not just kind but pretty and smart as well. She’s one of the top 10 in her Architecture course but she’s still humble and silent about it. She’s such a sweet kid. 

Anyway they’re so busy now with all the preparations of her debut including gowns, flowers, giveaways and of course music. I know that they would hire the best music ensemble as they’re musicians also, my brother’s four kids plays instruments of their wish and that makes them a family of musicians with my brother as the all-around musicians. I know they will have a good music setup with the best musical instruments and accessories like hiwatt amp. Well we’re not having the usual debut celebration as we’ll not have dancing. We’re both born-again Christians and with that we’ll have a different program

Friday, January 17, 2014

What Matters Most

Some of my school friends in college celebrated their wedding anniversary this month and I was surprised to know that few are the same as our length of married years. It’s fun to know that most of us got married on the same year. I wonder if they also have the same style of ring or same kind like these meteorite rings which seem to be perfect symbol for love that lasts forever. 

Most couples spent a fortune on their wedding rings but whatever rings they had when they got married it didn’t mattered much as the important thing is the purity of love. Rings are symbols of eternal love but it should not be the ultimate basis of how strong a love will be. If you want a strong and lasting marriage put God in the center of your relationship and you'll see why.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Having Pets at Home

It’s nice and exciting to have a pet in the house but I’m hesitant about it because there’s no one to care all throughout the day. My husband and kids are all schooling and I go to work so we will not be able to feed him on time and care for him when needed. My Mom is too old to look upon the pet and very choosy about the kinds. 

Anyway I also think about the security when we’re not in the house because we live near the roads and it might not be safe for the pet. If only there’s a petsafe wireless fence it will be more convenient just like with my friend. As it is we cannot have one in the house with the present schedule and condition so we’ll just stick with our fish in the aquarium as the fish can take care of itself in the water and Mom can feed him so easily. In the future maybe we can have a watch dog if needed.