Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enjoying Music at Home

It’s good to be at home especially on long weekends observing holidays. There’s no better than spending bonding moments with the family if you can’t afford an outdoor family activity. Sometimes we do some Christian music videoke singing with the kids to maximize the time of togetherness. Some other families have their own way of doing it like our tenants in our compound. 

They have a different pattern for enjoying music as they spent every occasion like baptismal, birthdays and special celebrations on unlimited videoke. that stops at midnight. I wonder if they have the likes of best bose noise cancelling headphones at musicians friend in their music parties because they only rent the machine and drop coins on every background music played.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Forex

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Forex Investing online may be convenient especially that a lot of opportunities are available. However, there are also disadvantages from it too. One of these is the fact that you can get scammed as fake websites gone rampant. Hence, it’s really important and at the same time, very helpful to at least have the idea on what are the advantages and disadvantages of investing online. In this way, you will be able to avoid or somehow, prevent the things that are possible to occur. 

One of the businesses that can be invested online and at the same time most invested of all is forex. That is due to the convenience of this particular business. But similar to other businesses, it consists of positive and negative views as well. 

When it comes to investing for forex trading especially if you’re new in the field, it is really important to know what are the advantages and so its disadvantages. In this way, you can manage it well and accordingly if times that you will get into trouble then. 

The Advantages of Forex Trading: 

    •   Capital 
       - First things, first. Forex trading is one of the businesses that allow individuals to start their business for as low as 100 bucks! If you are planning to come up with a business yet you only have a hundred bucks with you, have it done in forex trading instead. 

    •   Leverage 
        - In forex, the leverage is high compare to other forms of financial businesses. It also gives you high profit through this. 

    •   24 hours Market 
      - With forex, one can do trading whenever he wants as the market is open 24 hours from Mondays to Fridays. This is for the purpose of those people who are located in different countries can do the trading according to their time zone. 

    •   Technology 
        - With the help of technology, trading can be done anytime an investor wants to. Apart from that, trading is also done easily due to the convenience of the generation has for such business. 

The Disadvantages: 

          •     Leverage
        - Leverage in forex may be has a convenience to give to its investors, but a great danger has also covers it. The higher the leverage is, the greater the chances an investor can gain or loss on his investment. Yes, leverage in the other hand may be advantage only if the trading you’ve done will win. But apparently, there are times that we get to lose something. That’s the time when you fail to win your bid. Whatever leverage you’ve bid, if you lose it, twice the amount you’ve bid is expected to get from your account. That makes leverage a bad image. 

   •    Beginner’s luck 
       - If you’re new in the industry and you don’t have any idea on what are the terms and how particularly forex trading works, be hesitant to make a decision of investing at forex. Though it’s not really necessary to have a great knowledge in investing it, it is still advantage to at least have the ideas on how it really works. 

It is really an advantage to have knowledge on what are the pros and cons of a particular industry. That is to save you from those people who take love to take advantage. Aside from knowing what are the advantages and disadvantages, it is also important to study a particular field before investing to it. This is to avoid of wasting your money, time, and most of all your effort. 

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Family of Musicians

My brother and sister-in-law finalized the menu for the upcoming debut celebration of their daughter on weekend. We’re all excited and looking forward to it and thinking of best wishes for her on that day. I’m one of the 18 candles and I will have to say my wishes for my dear niece whom I always refer to as the kindest among my Mom’s grandkids and that’s including my own. She’s not just kind but pretty and smart as well. She’s one of the top 10 in her Architecture course but she’s still humble and silent about it. She’s such a sweet kid. 

Anyway they’re so busy now with all the preparations of her debut including gowns, flowers, giveaways and of course music. I know that they would hire the best music ensemble as they’re musicians also, my brother’s four kids plays instruments of their wish and that makes them a family of musicians with my brother as the all-around musicians. I know they will have a good music setup with the best musical instruments and accessories like hiwatt amp. Well we’re not having the usual debut celebration as we’ll not have dancing. We’re both born-again Christians and with that we’ll have a different program

Friday, January 17, 2014

What Matters Most

Some of my school friends in college celebrated their wedding anniversary this month and I was surprised to know that few are the same as our length of married years. It’s fun to know that most of us got married on the same year. I wonder if they also have the same style of ring or same kind like these meteorite rings which seem to be perfect symbol for love that lasts forever. 

Most couples spent a fortune on their wedding rings but whatever rings they had when they got married it didn’t mattered much as the important thing is the purity of love. Rings are symbols of eternal love but it should not be the ultimate basis of how strong a love will be. If you want a strong and lasting marriage put God in the center of your relationship and you'll see why.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Having Pets at Home

It’s nice and exciting to have a pet in the house but I’m hesitant about it because there’s no one to care all throughout the day. My husband and kids are all schooling and I go to work so we will not be able to feed him on time and care for him when needed. My Mom is too old to look upon the pet and very choosy about the kinds. 

Anyway I also think about the security when we’re not in the house because we live near the roads and it might not be safe for the pet. If only there’s a petsafe wireless fence it will be more convenient just like with my friend. As it is we cannot have one in the house with the present schedule and condition so we’ll just stick with our fish in the aquarium as the fish can take care of itself in the water and Mom can feed him so easily. In the future maybe we can have a watch dog if needed.