Saturday, January 11, 2014

Having Pets at Home

It’s nice and exciting to have a pet in the house but I’m hesitant about it because there’s no one to care all throughout the day. My husband and kids are all schooling and I go to work so we will not be able to feed him on time and care for him when needed. My Mom is too old to look upon the pet and very choosy about the kinds. 

Anyway I also think about the security when we’re not in the house because we live near the roads and it might not be safe for the pet. If only there’s a petsafe wireless fence it will be more convenient just like with my friend. As it is we cannot have one in the house with the present schedule and condition so we’ll just stick with our fish in the aquarium as the fish can take care of itself in the water and Mom can feed him so easily. In the future maybe we can have a watch dog if needed.


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