Sunday, February 2, 2014

Great Family Time in Rachel's Birthday

We had a great time with the family yesterday in celebrating my niece Rachel’s debut party. It’s not the usual party that you see with dancing as we don’t practice real night parties. The debutante only had short waltz dance with special men in her life and school friends in traditional 18 roses. The two emcees, the daughters of their Pastor were very good with entertaining guests with their lively hosting. They know Rachel from her childhood which makes their words just the right thing with the debutante’s birthday. All through the ceremonies of 18 treasures, 18 bills, 18 bags and 18 candles the music went by smoothly. The venue has slightly open walls making way for a loud music which turned out just enough to be heard around the big venue of less than 200 visitors. 

Well there are no real musical instruments except components, amplifiers, digital projectors and wireless microphones. I was expecting some though but I should say it’s safer not to have live instruments. I know that if my brother is not that busy he would have their family played piano, guitar or drums as he was earlier asking for yamaha drum hardware but then they will not feel the moment if they have tasks. The birthday celebration turned out happy and a little sentimental at the last part of wishes. Even without dancing the party came out alive and full of memorable moments especially with the serenade of my niece’ good old friend in high school who is an actor now and created awesome moments to the crowd.


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