Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Niece’ Debut

Today we’re celebrating my eldest niece’ 18th birthday. Her real birthday was a week ago but they’ve decided to make it this day to accommodate her school schedule. Rachel May is the second of my brother’s kids and the eldest daughter. She’s the first to have a debut because her elder brother will have to wait for next year for his 21st birthday. Everything is ready and the food is complete except that my brother asked me to cook extra dessert for the occasion. 

It’s good that yesterday was a holiday and I was able to cook pink gelatin for 200 visitors with some extras for the house guests. For the gift I’ve been thinking this whole week of nice one for her but all I’m seeing online are jewelries like platinum rings, fashion necklace and some accessories so I went to the mall for more ideas. Glad I found the storage box with designs and colors of her debut motif and immediately bought it and had it wrapped with a nice dark pink ribbon. I know she will like it because she has so many tidbits and pieces to keep and the box is a great one for storing it neatly. Later this afternoon we’ll go to the venue earlier than other guests to help my SIL with the last needed things.


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