Saturday, March 22, 2014

Home Bonding

It’s hard to leave the house when all members of the family are all home. As it’s a weekend and there’s no school activity all my kids are just there in the house relaxing from the stress of exams and never ending projects. This week they’ve started getting clearances from their teachers and they stay in school half of the day to complete everything they need to complete requirements. Today is the start of their vacation except for Ruth who is graduating from High School. They’re busy with graduation practice and they stay in school up to early evening to get ready for next week’s graduation day. 

Anyway I’m thinking of something functional and memorable gift for my eldest kid who expects nothing expensive from me. I’m looking at these watches and tablets now contemplating which is better for her. She told me last month that she’s going to need a laptop or netbook in her college course but I’m going to give her a tablet first because I can give my own laptop to her if she wants it. Anything for my dear daughter…well I’ll just borrow it if I need it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Perks of Staying Home

When was the last time you feel like you want to stay at home the whole day and forget about the stress in your work? I have a friend who always looks forward to 5:00 in the afternoon when she can rest in the comfort of her home no matter how long. Well we always want the days to be nearing weekends so we can spend the whole day with our family. Staying at home has its perks as you can do valuable things without too much spending like playing recreational games, bonding with the family, singing and playing musical instruments and some others that delights the whole family. 

My daughter is a little sad now that her favorite guitar accidentally slipped and got a crack on the body. She can’t play now so it’s either we have it repaired or buy a new one which is a bit hard as I don’t have time now. Glad I found some outlets that sell not just instruments but accessories as well just like Ghs which provide guitar strings and cleaner. It’s fun looking through online sites when you’re at home with the kids as they’re the ones that points to the musical instruments they want in the future. Maybe if we get extra budget we’ll be able to invest on musical instruments.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Music Schooling for the Kids on Summer

Another month to go and it’s going to be super fun for the kids because school break will come. Summer is always the best season not just for kids but for parents as well. This is the time that you can be with your kids most of the times because they will have plenty of time for family bonding, vacation and anything that you want to do. Every summer seems a holiday for us specially that we get to visit and stay in MIL’s house in Montalban for a week or so. At times we let one of the kids to be with their granny for three or more days and let them bond even on summer days only. 

Well there are various activities that you can do on summer school break like sports activities, summer getaway, swimming or summer schooling. There was a time that I enrolled my kids in piano and drums music lesson in a sponsored municipal program. They have enjoyed, learned the basics and graduated from the course but the following year I let them spend the vacation without any summer workshop so they can rest and enjoy the summer fully without any disturbance. 

Now they don’t have to enroll anymore as they’re good in playing and anyway they can also learn online like having piano flash cards where they can learn notes, rhythm and some challenges from primer through higher levels. Music can be so enlightening especially if you can access steps to learning through online.  It's also convenient and saves time as well.