Saturday, March 22, 2014

Home Bonding

It’s hard to leave the house when all members of the family are all home. As it’s a weekend and there’s no school activity all my kids are just there in the house relaxing from the stress of exams and never ending projects. This week they’ve started getting clearances from their teachers and they stay in school half of the day to complete everything they need to complete requirements. Today is the start of their vacation except for Ruth who is graduating from High School. They’re busy with graduation practice and they stay in school up to early evening to get ready for next week’s graduation day. 

Anyway I’m thinking of something functional and memorable gift for my eldest kid who expects nothing expensive from me. I’m looking at these watches and tablets now contemplating which is better for her. She told me last month that she’s going to need a laptop or netbook in her college course but I’m going to give her a tablet first because I can give my own laptop to her if she wants it. Anything for my dear daughter…well I’ll just borrow it if I need it.


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