Monday, March 17, 2014

Perks of Staying Home

When was the last time you feel like you want to stay at home the whole day and forget about the stress in your work? I have a friend who always looks forward to 5:00 in the afternoon when she can rest in the comfort of her home no matter how long. Well we always want the days to be nearing weekends so we can spend the whole day with our family. Staying at home has its perks as you can do valuable things without too much spending like playing recreational games, bonding with the family, singing and playing musical instruments and some others that delights the whole family. 

My daughter is a little sad now that her favorite guitar accidentally slipped and got a crack on the body. She can’t play now so it’s either we have it repaired or buy a new one which is a bit hard as I don’t have time now. Glad I found some outlets that sell not just instruments but accessories as well just like Ghs which provide guitar strings and cleaner. It’s fun looking through online sites when you’re at home with the kids as they’re the ones that points to the musical instruments they want in the future. Maybe if we get extra budget we’ll be able to invest on musical instruments.


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