Thursday, July 24, 2014

Additions and Improvement in Our House

We’re finished with our simple home improvement in the house. We have successfully added a new room for my Mom’s use and we’re all happy about it especially she’s now feeling more comfortable with the new setup. Now she can do everything without going up and about the two floors of our house. As it’s not advisable for her to go upstairs the new setup suits her perfectly and we can see all her activities the whole day. Since we also have our bedroom downstairs it’s hard for us to always go up and check on her when she wants to stay in her upper room. 

Now we can proceed to our next project which is repainting of our own bedroom and kitchen. For the last three Saturdays I’ve been doing a lot of inventory and have taken note of my several dining items. I would like to have them grouped and labeled in the next weekends to come. I also want to add some personalized items like mugs with logo and name, embroidered kitchen towels, linens made in crochet and some other nice items beautifully carved with names. I’m quite happy that we have started with our goal of restoring the beauty of our house and hope to have enough finances to finish it in a year.


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