Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Music Learning Programs for Kids

Since my online job is at its low peak I have more time to spend with my family and my home chores. After office days I usually spend my weekends cleaning, cooking and help in washing clothes. Early morning I accompany my youngest kid Josh in his keyboard class and since it only takes less than two hours I stay in the school and wait for him. I bring my tablet and a book to while my time away. It’s good to wait for my son’s class as I get to know several of their music teachers. Little Jewels school offers various music learning programs for their students with a minimal fee per month. 

They have plenty to choose from like guitar, violin, drums, lyre and keyboard which you can learn after regular school hours or on a Saturday. They will buy their own instrument wherever they want like at musicans friend or any music store and bring it every class. It gives the students opportunity to learn to play music in the convenience of their school with their school friends and earn some points in ECA as well. Well for me learning music itself is a privilege even if it will not earn points so I let my little boy enjoy the opportunity at a young age. As we say young children learns faster than the oldies.


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