Monday, October 20, 2014

Enjoying Weekends Full of Home Music

As much as possible we want to stay at home during weekends to rest and relax from a week of work and school activities. We always go from one place to another on every holiday so we make the most of ordinary weekends to be with the family and have bonding moments. Well on early morning I accompany my son to his keyboard class in school and spent the rest of the day cooking, chatting, watching TV and enjoying the day with my loved ones. 

As Josh is fast learning keyboard operation he practices what he learns from music class which fills our Saturday afternoon especially when her sister Gen taught him some tips and tricks in playing. I just like the sight of them playing and love listening to the soft music background of keyboard tunes. My kids really love playing musical instrument and they were the ones who asked me to enroll them in music class. Anyway it’s in our blood to love music from my grandfather to my father and uncle. 

When we’re planning for our home renovation the kids wanted to have a real music room where we can collect and arrange their favorite musical instruments and accessories like guitar, keyboards, lyre and a lot more. We also wish that we can have quality amplifier, a complete sound system and equipment with the likes of maschine mikro and some good speakers, microphones and every little accessories they may want to have.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Home Environment with Music

Our home has happy environment especially when we’re all at home on weekends and holidays. We make sure that we cook some of our favorite foods and watch cable movies together for a great bonding. At times the kids play guitar and keyboards to practice what they learned from music school and hear some Christian songs online. We make our weekends special by simple things that make us happy and make the most of the day just by being together. 

As music is our common love we want clear and solid sounds when we play instruments and songs and this is not that possible with our current speaker and amplifier. We’re now searching for a way to finely tune the sounds and we found out that this is possible with quality powered monitors. 

The JBL sound can be relied on for quality sound at a price that homes can afford. My friend told me to Join now. By joining she feels that I can see what I can buy from them for our specific needs and requirements and get some discount deals.