Thursday, April 23, 2015

Preventive Measures to Avoid Sickness

We’re suffering from intense hot weather these days and the temperature is really unbearable at times. Even the high wattage air conditioning units in the office seems struggling some times to give us enough well-conditioned air environment, well I am just lucky that my office nook is just 2 meters away from the aircon and I can enjoy a good cool air the rest of my working hours, that is if I’m not going to do some errands outside. 

At home we’re lucky to have a spacious backyard with fruit-bearing trees that gives shelter and clean cool air around the whole compound but when you close the doors and windows you can feel the hot humid air. Well it’s a normal condition when you live in a tropical country but global warming seems to give abnormal weather most often. Anyway with this kind of temperature I’m always aware of the kind of sickness that can occur during this season like severe skin disorder, hypertension, heat stroke, skin cancer and a lot related diseases. I’m on the alert level on my kids’ health because I want them to enjoy their school break. 

I’ve seen some kids in the nearby hospital suffering sun-caused diseases and I can’t look at them without pity because they should be playing and not just lying on hospital beds. Our local hospitals are now stocking up on regular medicines to be ready for those sickness occurrence and I’ve seen some antibiotics like simplicef, vitamins, antibiotic ointment and a lot more in which names I can’t remember. Well as they say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so I’m taking all the steps needed to prevent sickness from entering into our house.


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