Monday, July 13, 2015

Continuing His Keyboard Lessons

Now that school is active already Josh asked me what clubs he will be joining this year. He has to be active in extracurricular as he’s expected to be one of the candidates again. Honor candidates should have enough extracurricular activities in order to qualify aside from their academics grades of not lower than 85 in each of their subjects. I told Josh that he can join any club and activities he wants as long as his heart is also into it. As he loves drawing I told him to join Arts Club which he has joined for four years already. 

When I asked him what musical instruments would he like to join this year he smiled and whispered to me “I love to take keyboard again” He took up keyboard playing last year but due to some busy schedule of the teacher they didn’t reached the recital stage which Josh would love to attend if ever he has finished his keyboard class. I actually wanted him to enroll in guitar or electric violin but he told me that he would master keyboard instruments first before he venture on another instrument. I really love how Josh put his mind into the things he loves because he deals it with focus and full attention.


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