Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Making Up Cozy Ambiance

It’s lovely coming home to a nice house to shed off your day’s work stress and tiredness. This is what I’m thinking when we started renovating our home for my daughter’s debut because due to old age our home became dull and lonely to look at. Its gray washed walls always give me a somewhat sad feeling when I come home and it’s just my kids’ presence that changes my mood. I always write the importance of a homey and happy environment to create a good ambiance so I decided to make it a reality for our own home. 

It’s different now because we painted the walls with Sasha yellow shade and remove the walls of the biggest room to make way for a spacious and fresh looking dining room. It’s a big transformation for our house as our friends and neighbors told us when they attended my daughter’s debut and my son’s 12th birthday. It suddenly feels so cool, relaxing and so refreshing because the door near our dining room gives us sunlight in the morning and fresh cool air the whole day. 

With this partial renovation that we did before the big event I was inspired to plan for the kitchen renovation as I feel it should be given special attention too. Well it can wait for the summer vacation because we need to save funds before we plunge to another set of expenses. I’m planning now and looking for nice accessories, kitchen utensils, cooking equipment and good furniture with oak veneer make for my dream kitchen in the future. Since we all love cooking and baking we really need to make our cooking area one of the best place in our home.


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