Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Relaxing Bonding Weekend

It was a relaxed and bonding time last weekend when we had extra day to add to our rest days, indeed it was a worthwhile long weekend for the whole family. Well not so relaxing for dear husband because he took the licensure exam for teachers last Sunday but it felt good that at last it was over and we’ll just have to wait for the result in a couple of weeks, around 6-7 to be exact. Anyway before the exam we urged him to relax a bit and watch television with us where we fondly watched a certain funny love story on the street. 

I also posed as nanny to my niece’ baby Athena which I’m doing for several weekends already and loving it. The whole family is so happy with the holiday which made the weekend longer than usual. We also had some singing and playing of the instruments, my two daughters had a duet. Gen played the guitar and sang with Ruth. Their voices blended well because Ruth is soprano-like and Gen is alto. 

I saw Ruth trying Gen’s guitar which she seldom do because she only knows keyboard. This is the reason why I suddenly browse guitar center company because my three kids are now interested in guitar unlike before when Gen is the only one handling guitar. It’s a nice feeling for me because I myself love playing guitar but due to lack of time I failed learning it. It’s good having kids playing musical instruments at home because it brings about a relaxing happy ambiance.


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