Monday, October 12, 2015

Everybody in the Pool for Mediation and Yoga!

It has long been said that swimming is “the best exercise.” It’s aerobic. It’s easy on the joints. You use every muscle in your body when you swim. Well, it has one more benefit; it also is good for your mental health. Some people have referred to this as “swim meditation.” If you want your own yoga or meditation pool, the people at Fountain Blue Pools can help with a that.

For many people being in the water has a very calming effect that lasts, like normal meditation, long after the activity is done. It could be that, like when you meditate, when you are swimming, you are focused completely on your breathing and you are totally immersed in the moment. You have to be, or you’d drown.

Another meditative practice people have taken up is pool yoga. This is exactly what it sounds like, yoga in a pool. For many people, some of the yoga poses can be hard to attain on land. Once in a pool however the buoyancy of the water compensates for some lack of strength or flexibility on the part of the yoga practitioner. The water certainly cushions your blow if you fall from a pose. 

Water is a very calming influence. Most people can benefit from even listening to water. It makes perfect sense to combine relaxing yoga techniques with water.


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